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Ubuntu will include many new scopes, with many more in the future as part of the "100 Scopes" project. The Dash will get and contribute information from a central server on which scopes are best able to answer Dash queries, in order to make the Dash home scope maximally useful through community-contributed scopes and usage data. As before, the Dash can be restricted from including any online content or contribution in the Privacy system settings.

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Stuart Langridge
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Michal Hruby
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Work Items

Work items:
[mhr3] Remove lens class from public API: DONE
[stolowski] Support new file layout of .scope files: DONE
[mhr3] Add support for metadata defined by the scopes: DONE
[mhr3] Introduce session concept for queries: DONE
[mhr3] Enable scope to scope communication: DONE
[mhr3] API definition of master scopes and implementation including de-duplication and ordering by relevance: DONE
[mhr3] Adapt and fix the debug libunity-tool: DONE
[mhr3] Architect and implement preview of search results and activation: DONE
[mhr3] Consolidate the API to enable running scopes on the server: DONE
[mhr3] Documentation of public scope APIs: TODO
[mhr3] Full unit test coverage of public APIs: INPROGRESS
[nick-dedekind] Adjust dbus wire-proto implementation in UnityCore to support new scopes architecture and APIs: DONE
[nick-dedekind] Adjust dash view to display new result model: DONE
[nick-dedekind] Adjust filters implementation (no longer a global model per lens): DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: implement daemon that mimics current Unity behaviour: DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: query master scopes: DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: create result model that ranks results according to personal/semi/public flag: DONE
[mhr3] Port default scopes (apps, files, music, video shopping) to new API: DONE
[mhr3] Involve upstream to port other scopes (esp. social and photos): DONE
[stolowski] Extend unit testing, autopilot testing for default scopes: INPROGRESS
[stolowski] Home scope: start session with smart scopes service and send queries: DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: compile list of installed scopes to be sent to smart service: DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: implement direct search: DONE
[mhr3] Home scope: add support for starting and quitting scopes on demand: DONE
[nick-dedekind] Home scope+Dash: Implement advanced filter behavior as proposed by design: DONE
[stolowski] More tests for smart scope: INPROGRESS
[stolowski] Use the ranking information returned by the service to affect the overall ranking in the home lens.: DONE
[stolowski] Send metrics to smart scope service: DONE
[stolowski] Home scope: add support for remote scopes: DONE
[stolowski] Trigger searches in (any of 100) scopes indicated as relevant by smart scope service: DONE
[stolowski] Finish Smart Scopes Server results parsing. Push them to master scopes for sorting & de-dup: DONE
[stolowski] Enable/disable scopes via dash preview: DONE
[mhr3] Create instances of master scopes for all Home Scope categories: DONE

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