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We are going to get better communication with the various key holder of the distro process for handling UIF, FF. Minor UI changes are getting a lighter process and they can even make it in a SRU.

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Discussing FFe, UIFe, MRe, impact for the release team, sru team, doc team

State of last cycle:
 - lot of FFe, UIFe, how to get better?
 - for various reasons, a business decision was made to land features, even late, engineering and design was late
 - lack of visibility for predicting what's going to happen
   * radio silence for the first few months this cycle
   * reverting back for one point of contact instead of two?
   * design only get to test new features for first time after Final Beta milestone
   * minimum of 3 or 4 test/fix iterations required to go from first test by design to release quality
 - how to deal with things that are not disclosed in advance for business reasons?
   * we can have someone from the marketing/copywriting or design team taking the screenshots for handling the documentation team pain.
   * If feature is ready to test by design team before feature freeze, will this solve this issue?
 - the release team wants explicit sabdfl ack on bugs, not implicit.
 - can we think of the LTS +1 cycle being more disruptive than the other cycles as it's shaping the landscape for the next 2 years.
 - communication with the key holders of the process in advance will help a lot enhancing the whole feedback cycle
 - UIFe is more a coordination point for things impacting the documentation and other members.
 - Using one bug for landing multiple minors UI changes and grouping on one upload with charline giving feedback on it
 - kind of UI change limit for changes in SRU? Always ask for it, and having Charline helping to get some expert feedback


2013-04-04, seb128: that didn't happen for raring but seems still valid in its current state (no need to have a new discussion/blueprint), I'm retargetting the blueprint for "s"


Work Items

Work items:
[ivanka] Discussing about having skunking on the release, documentation, translation team members for disclosing some new features in advance without revealing them publically: TODO
[charlinepoirier] Help the release team to balance risk/benefits on every UI changes to explain more about their impact: TODO
[johnlea] Go to the tech board to try to have an explicit ack on minor UI change can go to a SRU (wrapped in bigger SRU update): TODO