Requirements for desktop Upstart

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Figure out the most important use-cases for using Upstart in the desktop session and what requirements this puts on Upstart to verify whether it can start to be used for the desktop session in 12.10.

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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
Sebastien Bacher
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James Hunt
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Accepted for quantal
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2012-11-06, jamesodhunt: carried across work items that are still relevant to raring blueprint

2012-09-13, didrocks: will not likely to happen for quantal, let's defer that for the r release

2012-05-16, seb128: the work here mostly depends from what happens on upstart, we will replace update-notifier if the features we need are added to upstart

Session notes:

Upstart on the desktop:
- Not immediately required (for 12.10), but would like to work towards more Upstart features from the desktop session
- Look at bootchart and optimise session process startup (currently linear, CPU not maxed out)
Use cases:
- Don't start any app indicators before indicator app service starts (indicators currently started by gnome-session, but app service started by Unity panel service)
- Don't show the panel until it is stable
- Replace update-notifier and other small daemons and use upstart events instead
- Run migration scripts before the service being migrated starts, e.g NetworkManager
- Printer connections etc, i.e. stop gnome-settings-daemon from listening for udev events and have upstart generate events from those udev events instead
- Jobs are specified in /etc, and need to detect user preferences
  - Need to be able to disable some of the jobs
- Need to support different jobs for different flavours
- xsession.d / gnome-session need to start job chain by generating an upstart event
- Need to support /etc/xdg jobs
- Result being gnome-session is started by upstart and doesn't spawn any child processes
- Some jobs will be conditional on user preferences (e.g. gsettings keys)
- How would upstart handle a case where a user job requires network access, but the network event occurred before the session started?
What we need:
1. Upstart needs to be able to run jobs in the user session
2. We need to trigger upstart from gnome-session or /etc/xsession.d
3a. Job triggered by system d-bus signal
3b. Job triggered by file change
3c. Job triggered on time event
4. Define a standard set of high-level Upstart events for the desktop
5. Replace update-notifier for 12.10

18 may 2012 (jamesodhunt): I discussed this plan with Scott and vorlon (independently) and the outcome was conclusive: running multiple instances of Upstart isn't optimal. It makes much more sense to empower PID 1 with the ability to start a PAM session for the user jobs. It would also be difficult to retain expected semantics with the required "upstart-upstart-bridge" we'd need with the multi-instance design (to bridge system level events down to the user). The concerns around the process tree for a user session can be mitigated by adding cgroups support to Upstart allowing all processes in the users session to be listed.


Work Items

Work items:
[seb128] replace update-notifier with upstart jobs: POSTPONED
[jamesodhunt] Make jobs namespaced by user/chroot (currently job names are unique system-wide): TODO
[jamesodhunt] Add initctl option to include namespace details: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Modify initctl behaviour when run as non-root to display namespaced jobs by default: TODO
[jamesodhunt] write CreateSession(env) D-Bus method to prime an Upstart user session with an environment: TODO
[jamesodhunt] create a pam_upstart module to call CreateSession(env) on user login to ensure user jobs get the correct environment: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Modify upstart to run a login shell for user sessions: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Allow users preferred shell to run user jobs (?): TODO
[jamesodhunt] Make upstart create cgroups for jobs: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Write an upstart-dbus-bridge: TODO
[stgraber] (and/or desrt?) Write an upstart-gsettings-bridge (not using upstart for session yet): POSTPONED
[jamesodhunt] Determine "least kludgy" method of having inotify support recursive watches: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Finish upstart-file-bridge (inotify version): INPROGRESS
[jamesodhunt] Create an upstart-time-bridge based on Scotts temporal events code: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Get user job logging code audited by the security team: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Set supplementary group for user jobs (bug 812870): TODO
[jamesodhunt] Finish tests for upstart user job logging and land: TODO
[jamesodhunt] Add ability for user jobs to be searched for in multiple directories (~/.init *and* /etc/xdg/init/): TODO
[jamesodhunt] Add ability for user jobs to disable selective jobs in /etc/xdg/init/: TODO

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