Software Updater in 12.10

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Update Manager has been the same basic design for a long time. mpt wrote a better spec a long time back that never got implemented. We can make updating packages much more user friendly.

Implement mpt's spec and keep update-manager current with the platform.

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Michael Vogt
Michael Terry
Michael Terry
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Kate Stewart
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Sebastien Bacher


seb128, 2012-09-04: postponing the "Group update package details", we are after uif so it will be for next cycle. Dylan, feel free to still work on it though ;-)

dylanmccall, 2012-09-04: I agree, and that's pretty well what I had suggested (albeit a little uncertainly) at UDS-Q :)
Among other things, we risk some accessibility regressions without a good bit of testing.
I will keep working at this, of course. In the mean time, I'm happy to improve the existing list view where it's considered necessary for Quantal. Please feel free to subscribe me to any of those bug reports.

User Stories:

Sam is a college student who has recently migrated from to Windows XP to Ubuntu because he was fed up with adult sites installing spyware on his computer. The reason he had so much trouble with spyware was that XP kept on popping up balloons in the corner of the screen to tell him about security updates, but he closed them because that was the easiest thing to do. A few weeks after he installs Ubuntu, there is an important security update to Firefox.

A computer running Ubuntu unattended is being used as part of a shop-window display. While the machine was still connected to the Internet, the window dresser cancelled a software update reminder.

Helen is happily using Ubuntu 10.10 when it tells her that Ubuntu 11.04 has been released. Before she upgrades, she has some basic questions. What will the upgrade do? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will she lose any of her files? What should she do if something goes wrong?

Test Cases:

1) a) Install Ubuntu.
b) Log in to the new Ubuntu installation for the first time.
c) In “Software Sources” > “Updates”, choose “Check for updates: Daily” and “Install security updates without confirmation”.
d) At a terminal, run sudo /etc/cron.daily to trigger the background installation of security updates.
e) Once cron.daily has exited, run killall update-notifier && NO_FAKE_STAT=1 faketime -f +1d update-notifier to test the update-notifier behavior. Update Manager should open, displaying only non-security updates.

2) From a released version of Ubuntu, at a terminal enter check-new-release-gtk -d or update-manager -cd

3) Go through the spec and make sure each screen in the app matches the mockups.

4) Make sure it's listed as Software Updater instead of Update Manager in the menus and titles.

Release Note:

Update Manager has been streamlined and renamed Software Updater.


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] Port to Python 3: DONE
Rename to Software Updater: DONE
Split out auto-upgrade-tester (lp:auto-upgrade-testing) and move into its own source pkg : DONE
Split out the release-upgrader and move into its own source pkg: DONE
[dylanmccall] Group update package details: POSTPONED
Only do check on startup: DONE
"Updates Available" screen: DONE
"Upgrade to new Ubuntu" screen: DONE
"Installing" screen: DONE
Morph animation between screens: POSTPONED
Present whether an update will need a restart: POSTPONED
Add more tests (DEP-8): DONE

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