Quickly 13.04 Enhancements

Registered by Michael Terry

Quickly is the recommended quick start development tool. It's important to keep it up to date and useful.

Specifically this cycle, a big focus will be porting to Python 3 for both managed projects and Quickly itself.

Blueprint information

Didier Roche-Tolomelli
Michael Terry
Needs approval
Michael Terry
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Slow progress
Milestone target:
Started by
Sebastien Bacher
Completed by
Michael Terry


seb128, 2012-08-14: dropping from the quantal desktop tracking, most items are behind (and we need to get back on trend) and that's not a strategic goal, that doesn't stop people to work on their assigned remaining items though ;-)

User Stories:

Adam doesn't know much about Ubuntu development but has an idea for a neat calculator app.

Brenda and her friends want to develop a small tool together and offer it on the latest LTS release.

Test Plans:

1) Any new features should add a new script to the test suite.

2) A sample project should be created, run, and packaged.

To port to Python3:
 * We need python-launchpadlib to be ported

After discussing it with didrocks, I've filed a new blueprint specifically for R at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-r-quickly-plans, to go on the app developer track, thus I'm unapproving this one.


Work Items

Work items:
Port quickly itself to Python 3 (blocked on quickly reboot, not worth doing before that): BLOCKED
Port project templates to Python 3 (blocked by python-mkdebian not supporting python3): BLOCKED
Look into using pkgme for debian: TODO
[allison] Make sure ARB is recommending --extras or submitubuntu: TODO
[allison] Work with James on Python 3 backend for pkgme: TODO
[allison] Check on pkgme packaging for 12.10: TODO
[allison] Hand example of desktopcouch changes to previous desktopcouch team: TODO
[jonobacon] Look into quickly save generating a pot in a separate commit: TODO
[jonobacon] Sed developer.ubuntu.com for PyGtk -> GTK+: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Write pygame tutorial on developer.ubuntu.com: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Take tutorial off his website: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Make fake desktopcouch module for ARB: TODO

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