Desktop configuration lockdown

Registered by Gary Ekker

Specification for a set of policies and settings important for desktop lockdown.

Blueprint information

Not started
Olli Ries
Gary Ekker
Allison Karlitskaya
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1

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didrocks, 2012-09-13: asked skaet to descope it for this cycle, I think we better focus on bug fixing now.

seb128, 2012-08-14: postponing some items, the dconf work will not happen on time for this cycle to be used (it might be ready but too late for clients to use it), the gui work didn't start yet, doesn't seem realistic for quantal

mandatory applications
    - this is complicated by how applications on the launcher are defined in a list
    - gsettings work being done this cycle to help with this type of settings lockdown
    - should we allow re-ordering of icons, do we maintain the locked applications at the top?

anything lthat affects keybindings needs to be handled by compiz-config

Design implication of how to demonstrate this to the user
    - locked items in Unity launcher
    - System Settings panels. If a panel is disabled, what about links to that panel from other places?
    - Ability to hide some systems settings, could be a copy of the system settings panel, each with a checkbox next to it

Review of the lockdown options list (T-shirt size estimate)
- Shortcut disabling: S, no design impact
- Ability to hide system and devices menu items: S, no impact
- Ability to hide specific indicators: generic mechanism S, design impact: provide guideline on which one to preserve as much as possible for consistency reasons
- Ability to dynamically add icons to the launcher: DONE, document API


Work Items

Work items:
[desrt] design,implement GSettingsList in dconf: POSTPONED
[3v1n0] implement launcher lock-down support, using said dconf mechanism: BLOCKED
[smspillaz] implement the notion of writeable keys in compiz config: TODO
[gekker] add an item for autohide of the launcher: DONE
[gekker] change "prevent installing software" to "prevent installing updates": DONE
[chrisccoulson] handle the firefox use cases: POSTPONED
[thumper] document API for dynamically adding launcher icons: TODO
[mpt] review list of settings to identify the ones requiring UI design <>: DONE
[dbarth] follow-up after design review to identify further work items to implement a slice of lockdown options for 12.10: TODO
[gekker] see with seb128 if the admin UI could ship by default (space issue, scope of the product): DONE