Color Management: Next Steps

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In Oneiric we have introduced color management. We have at least basic functionality now. You can take existing ICC profiles and assign them to devices (AFAIK monitors, printers, scanners, webcams) and then the devices are appropriately corrected. The profile assignments are done via the Color capplet of GNOME Control Center, the management and distribution of the profiles via colord, applications use liblcms1 and liblcms2 to apply the ICC profiles.

In Quantal we need to complete and improve the infrastructure: Support for screen color calibration devices (most support for them is in Argyll, but Argyll is not in an acceptable state to get into a distro), included ICC color profiles, continuation of migration from lcms1 to lcms2.

Blueprint information

Not started
Sebastien Bacher
Till Kamppeter
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1

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seb128, 2012-07-02: unlink bug #885324 from the workitems tracker, we didn't commit to fix all those nor want to track them as a team goal

Work from precise:
[raof] Work out why "calibrate" button of colour capplet does nothing: DONE
[raof] split out a free set of colour profiles from icc-profiles: DONE
[tkamppeter] Migrate Ghostscript to lcms2: DONE
[raof] Add PackageKit installer magic to colour capplet to install gnome-color-manager if necessary (fixes calibrate button): DONE

RAOF, 2012-02-07:
PackageKit installer magic is now sitting in and upstream at

RAOF, 2012-01-24:
I don't think I'll get to the PackageKit magic before alpha-2; other things are higher priority. Moving to beta-1, or rather just-pre-feature-freeze.

RAOF, 2011-11-16:
So, the reason why the calibrate button of the colour capplet doesn't try to install gnome-color-manager if it's not present is because it's totally unimplemented.

shankao, 2011-11-11:
Is the Color capplet necessary for regular users? It feels like something that they will not care about in a day-to-day use. Can we make it not default or hide as an advanced option it under the "displays" one?

tkamppeter, 2011-10-17:
Uploaded Ghostscript 9.04~dfsg-0ubuntu12 into Precise. In this version we switched from libcms1 to libcms2.

Session notes:

Current state:
  - Colour management is possible today: colord/colour gnome-control-centre capplet is in main and on the CD so users can use existing colour profiles to correct their displays and have a colour-managed workflow.
 - Calibration devices are not well supported - the Pantone Huey is natively supported in colord, but other devices require an external calibration system. Colord can use ArgyllCMS to calibrate things.
How to get colorimiter drivers available?
 - Apparently hitting the "calibrate" button should runtime-install argyll right now
Remove duplicate profiles from Debian icc packages, depend on shared-colour-profiles?
[raof] Work out why the "calibrate" button of colour capplet doesn't install argyll if necessary.
[raof] Package shared-color-targets
[raof] Finish working through with Debian how to get a free set of colour profiles
[tkampper] Check that nothing depends on libcms1 anymore ->, ghostscript already done before, for CUPS author of the offending add-on filter is informed.


Work Items

Work items:
[raof] Package shared-color-targets: POSTPONED