General requirements gathering for Xorg in Precise

Registered by Bryce Harrington

General session to discuss how and when new bits will be integrated into Precise, and requirements from stakeholders.

Starting with this LTS, we will be doing official X stack and/or driver backports going forward. We can work out some plans to coordinate this effort.

Since this is an LTS, and since we can do post-release upgrades, we will likely want to be very conservative in selecting versions for specific packages.

We anticipate spending most of our time during P on multi-monitor support and hybrid graphics (both covered separately), but if you have ideas for additional things to include in the X planning, please come and share your thoughts.

Blueprint information

Martin Pitt
Bryce Harrington
Series goal:
Accepted for precise
Milestone target:
Started by
Bryce Harrington
Completed by
Martin Pitt

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Work items:
[bryce] Port arsenal's auth handling to use new routine in launchpadlib: DONE
[bryce] In xdiagnose provide advanced tab for entering custom kernel params(?) [follow up with awe for use cases; not sure this would be sufficiently safe...]: DONE
[bryce] Write blueprint and/or LEP for a crash database web service for GPU lockups [deferred to foundations]: DONE
[bryce] Investigate adding PM debug options to xdiagnose [decided out of scope]: DONE
[raof] Merge packages to update the X stack: DONE
[bryce] Auto-close bug reports about old intel, ati, and nvidia hardware and direct reporters upstream: DONE
[apw] investigate whether the EDID etc could become writable at the kernel level: DONE
[bryce] Verify failsafex still launches from xdiagnose when mis-editing xorg.conf: DONE

Items postponed to Q:
Detect gfx hardware changes (maybe by checking the modaliases?) and inform users about the change.: POSTPONED
Implement dialog that pops up in Failsafe-X to suggest enabling driver for new hardware: POSTPONED
Complete X performance test plan: POSTPONED
Consider offering a mechanism to file a bug from xdiagnose: POSTPONED

items postponed from previous blueprints, still needing review:
Auto-config nvidia: Identify logic in jockey which inserts configuration into xorg.conf and create analogous logic in xserver: DROPPED
[albertomilone] Add a check (in nvidia-common) to require uninstalling Nvidia's driver when installing Ubuntu packages: POSTPONED
[bryce] Create parsing routine which takes an Xorg.0.log and fills in the python class: POSTPONED
[bryce] Create launchpadlib tool which uses xorg log parsing code and adds the information to the bug: POSTPONED
[bryce] Identify "interesting" warnings and errors (i.e. exclude innocuous messages): POSTPONED
[jbarnes] Collect screenshots and/or videos of several common classes of failures, identifying likely causes and components: POSTPONED
Ensure apport scripts (kernel and xorg) capture needed MT debug data: POSTPONED
Produce QA test plan for verifying MT input device functionality: POSTPONED
[apw] Make the intel kernel module always print: possible outputs, connected outputs, detected modes, selected mode: POSTPONED
[bryce] Organize online testing for nouveau: POSTPONED
[apw] can we move i915 power etc configs to sysfs: POSTPONED
[bryce] From xdiagnose provide ways to blacklist drivers, turn off modesetting (for -ati), force dkms rebuilds/reinstalls of proprietary drivers, and other kernel overrides: POSTPONED
[bryce] Consolidate modesetting debugging logs from kernel, xorg, gnome to provide more straightforward way to debug resolution and output setup issues.: POSTPONED
[bryce] Add mechanism to move aside monitors.xml, .driconf, etc.: POSTPONED
[bryce] Investigate kvm autotest for doing testing of failsafe session: POSTPONED
[bryce] Diagnostic testing mode in failsafe-x to bring up different gfx options and prompt user to indicate if that works. Offer to set the corresponding options as default (and maybe report bug): POSTPONED
[bryce] Add mechanism to xdiagnose that will generate xorg.conf.d snippets (ala x-kit) for customizing input devices: POSTPONED
[bryce] Write blueprint and/or LEP for FriendlyGitBisect: POSTPONED
[bryce] Write blueprint and/or LEP for RegressionRooter: POSTPONED
[bryce] add option from livecd (F6 menu) to boot directly into failsafe-x: POSTPONED
[bryce] Add failsafe-x mode to friendly recovery: POSTPONED
[tjaalton] Draft a method of getting relevant logs by just adding 'magic' to kernel cmdline, and save them for later use (or attach them to a bugreport, if possible) POSTPONED
[cjwatson] ensure that instead of clearing recordfail during rc2 state clear once the user logs in or explicitly shuts down: POSTPONED
[cjwatson] default to recovery mode when recordfail is set: POSTPONED
[sarvatt] Update kernels in xorg-edgers for better bug triaging: POSTPONED
[raof] Audit X debugging documentation for continued relevance: POSTPONED
[raof] Write script to pull out suspicious package upgrades when a regression in a development release: POSTPONED
[raof] Investigate adding kernel event like Intel for GPU hangs on radeon: POSTPONED
[raof] Investigate adding kernel event like Intel for GPU hangs on nouveau: POSTPONED

bryce, 2011-11-15: Copied postponed items from desktop-lucid-xorg-proprietary-drivers, desktop-lucid-xorg-triaging-diagnosis, desktop-lucid-xorg-multitouch, desktop-o-xorg-stakeholders-request, and desktop-o-xorg-tools-and-processes. Some of these will still need to be postponed until Q, so leaving them all marked as POSTPONED for now.

Crash database is already covered separately in work to be done by foundations team.
Moved some items specific to multi-monitor to desktop-p-libxrandr-utils

bryce, 2012-01-13: Dropping the versions announcement. Don't think anyone cares anymore, and announcing it tends to lock us in more than I prefer.

bryce, 2012-02-29: I've manually checked bugs against old drivers. I don't think it's worth maintaining an automated tool for this. There aren't many bug reports, and the ones we do get are going to be better handled by hand.


Work Items