Creation of a book to explain opportunistic development on Ubuntu

Registered by Stuart Langridge

It would be very cool to have a book which explained how to do opportunistic development on Ubuntu. This would be aimed at people with development skill (it is not to teach programming) but who do not know the best way to build and release apps for the Ubuntu platform. It will make opinionated choices, and explain best practice for development on Ubuntu, in much the same mental headspace as Quickly. It should be pleasant and discursive to read (it is not a reference book), and introduce high-value best parts of the Ubuntu platform, such as quickly, desktopcouch, application indicators, and so on.

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Rick Spencer
Ryan Macnish
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Ryan Macnish
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Accepted for quantal
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didrocks, 2012-09-13: let's drop this blueprint for this cycle, not started at all, a lot to do, let's try to be better next one!

Session notes can be seen on the wiki page.

Work Items:
[doctormo] Review manual during the cycle, from a teacher's POV: TODO
[carifio] Review manual during the cycle, from a ISV's POV: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Plan sprint if feasible: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Contract technical editor if feasible: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Finish introduction: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Finish Python chapter (with help from nisshh): TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Finish Glade chapter (with help from ubuntujenkins): TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Finish Widgets-on-the-Fly chapter: TODO
[sil] Finish DesktopCouch chapter: TODO
[scottritchie] Finish Files in Python chapter: TODO
[jonobacon] Finish GStreamer chapter (jono doesn't currently have time, i will assign myself to this chapter for now -- nisshh): TODO
[ken-vandine] Finish Socializing chapter: POSTPONED
[loneowais] Finish Indicators chapter: TODO
[knitzsche] Finish Tools chapter: TODO
[knitzsche] Write Accessibility blurb: TODO
[knitzsche] Write Localization blurb: TODO
[nisshh] Fill up the index and glossary: TODO
[nisshh] Compile the credits (probably do this later in the cycle): TODO
[nisshh] Create or find someone to create an icon: TODO
[nisshh] Bring the manual design inline with the new Ubuntu branding: TODO

pitti, 2011-04-14: As this is mostly untouched, I retarget this to oneiric. Renaming to -o- accordingly
Further retargetted to p-series.

skaet, 2011-11-16: cleaned up blueprint id, so it shows up in p series per intentions above.

mterry, 2011-12-02: dropped DONE items so they don't show up in p WI trackers. They were tracked for o.

pitti, 2012-03-28: Moving to Q, no progress in precise.


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