NetworkManager health check and task prioritization

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There are a few things we should cover for NetworkManager this cycle: mostly polish, but as general ideas:

- reinstate daily builds for 0.9 to help with testing, knowing in advance about bugs, etc.
- testing some of the new features likely to land and be useful for Precise: bonding, VLAN support, etc.
- types of bugs or small enhancements that should be looked at in priority ?

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Martin Pitt
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
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Accepted for precise
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Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
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Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

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=== Firewall support ===
 * Upstream suppor for firewall
 * Should be extended to use ufw
 * Likely to be post-P

=== Internet connectivity detection ===
 * Would be useful for the crash database and for ubiquity
 * Patch on the upstream mailing-list to implement that in the API
 * Likely to land upstream during the Precise development cycle
 - Are there plans for specifically testing captive portal-type scenarios yet?

=== Daily builds ===
 * Daily builds of upstream trunk will be restarted soon

=== Modem manager ===
 * Currently on 0.5, plan is to switch to 0.6 for Precise
 * Brings improved SMS support
 * LTE support

=== SSL certificates handling ===
* Make sure all certificate types work properly in NM (bug 839864)

=== Problem with phones showing up as USB ethernet ===
* Maybe disable USB network cards in NM (or only when we know it's a phone)
* Potentially an opt-in option

=== VLAN and bonding ===
* Patches exist from Thomas Graf on the NM mailing list

=== Bridging ===
* Not sure if patches exist
* Dangerous when libvirt runs on the system as both NM and libvirt would be creating bridges

=== VPN ===
* OpenVPN auto-reconnect
auth-retry nointeract

From other blueprints:
 - TPM support in NM (pkcs11)
 - Local DNS resolver + support for split DNS (dnsmasq)
 - Maybe some IPv6 stuff (blueprint scheduled for later today)

2012-01-09, mathieu-tl:
- postponing getting MM 0.6 to Precise because it's not released yet, and not considered stable enough API-wise. We can still fit it in based on if it gets released soon enough...

2012-01-12, mathieu-tl:
- postponing the connectivity patches as well. We certainly can't turn that on for Precise, and it turns out although it's already available upstream via the git 'ipcheck' branch, there are still enough issues to make it impractical to carry in Precise. We'll still play around with it and fix the bugs to get it ready for Precise+1.

2012-03-08, mathieu-tl:
- openvpn doesn't give meaningful return codes, there's unfortunately just not enough information to be able to deal with this gracefully yet. With a lot more effort and time maybe we could get to a way to get this done at the plugin level in NM, but it ought to be discussed with upstream.

Work items:
[mathieu-tl] Re-enable daily builds of NM trunk: DONE
[mathieu-tl] Unbreak daily builds of NM trunk: DONE
[mathieu-tl] Look into upstream patches for internet connectivity check and look at pushing them in Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[mathieu-tl] Merge usb-modeswitch from Debian: DONE
[mathieu-tl] Get modem-manager 0.6 in Precise (mostly interesting for LTE support): POSTPONED
[mathieu-tl] Update OpenVPN plugin to automatically reconnect: POSTPONED


Work Items