Improved Lock Screen

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Use the Unity greeter design for the lock screen so it is consistent.

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Sebastien Bacher
Robert Ancell
Robert Ancell
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Robert Ancell


didrocks, 2012-09-13: ask to drop postpone the whole spec as all items are postponed

seb128, 2012-07-04: drop "Make LightDM support screen lock" and "Modify gnome-screensaver/gnome-settings-daemon to send the lock request to LightDM", they are already covered by linked bug and desktop-q-system-compositor

pitti, 2012-02-07: Moving to Q, FF is soon and this is intrusive.

Notes from the UDS session:
- Use Unity Greeter (via LightDM) as the lock screen
- There will be no screensaver
- We VT switch to the greeter to unlock - improved secuirty over gnome-screensaver experience but may be techincal issues
- We currently blink when VT switching, but this may be fixable in Precise (see text free boot session for details)
- We would like a fade out, fade in between transitions
- We need to be on the correct VT when returning from suspend (i.e. the one showing the greeter)
- We can't VT switch for remote logins (e.g. VNC) so we can:
  - Disable lock screen for remote logins (easy)
  - Use existing screen lock for these (gnome-screensaver) (not too hard)
  - Improve remote server (e.g. Xvnc) to support session switching) (not for 12.04)
- Switching to the greeter may cause the PulseAudio stream from the session stop - your music would stop when the screen lock enables
- Current policy overriding for screen locks is hard/bad. -> Need to work out where this policy will end up (gnome-session?) and make sure it is more configurable.
- Power policy might be different in greeter and user session
- Do we need to hint to the greeter to enable accessibility in the right configuration?
- The greeter doesn't support the same types of accessibility as the session.

Marking obsolete, will be completed in


Work Items

Work items:
[robert-ancell] Make Unity Greeter implement lock screen design: POSTPONED
[raof] check VT switching is bulletproof: POSTPONED
[raof] Make sure X leaves the video in the correct state on exit (to switch to another X): POSTPONED
[robert-ancell] modify gnome-session to hand over suspend to LightDM: POSTPONED
[mdeslaur] Write down user scenarios that trigger this feature: POSTPONED

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