Global menubar for Libreoffice - final polish

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All the open issues that need to be fixed lo-menubar integration into main.


Attendees: Ryan Lortie, Bjorn M., Ted Gould, Lars U.,

- Ideally we would port LibreOffice to Gtk+3 and that way the menus get exported over DBus automatically
- LibreOffice currently has its own toolkit
- Experimental port to Gtk+3 styling
- GtkApplication could still be used if we are not using the toolkit
- In Mac OS X, the menu changes as the windows focus changes within LO windows (Mac OS X discourages this behavior, so does Gtk+3)
- GtkApplication can be instanced more than one in a single process (weird, but it will work)
- We need a GMenu per toplevel app, we need to think about dialog like windows with menubars
- Consider how to allow spins that does not want to export menus are not forced to
- LO generates some menu content on the fly while you are browsing the menu. We should avoid this.
- X properties are documented on a wiki page in live gnome org

LibreOffice building/debugging kickstart guides:


Work Items

Work items:
[ories] finish legal stuff with implementors: DONE
[desrt] mentor implementors on GMenuModel stuff: DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] write up to date getting-started-with-LibreOffice kickstart guide: DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] introduce implementors to upstream at ESC call: DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] add implementation to LibreOffice packaging: DONE

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.