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discuss what GNOME version we will track for the LTS.

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Martin Pitt
Sebastien Bacher
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Accepted for precise
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.04-beta-1
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Work Items:
[seb128] discuss the gtk situation with desrt and what to do: DONE
[seb128] check with pitti or discuss with upstream if a glib and gvfs version mismatch would work (no issue): DONE
document on the etherpad what we update and what we don't update and why: DONE
[rodrigo-moya] check that we can update gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center without bringing GNOME 3.4: DONE

Work Items for precise-alpha-2:
[seb128] decide (at the rally) on what version of GTK to use: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.04-beta-2:
[seb128] talk to design,dx what to do for applications that expose a menu and an application menu (the new ones exported by gmenu): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.04:
[seb128] talk to debian about renaming epiphany and dconf: POSTPONED
[seb128] talk to jasoncwarner about bringing the 2 years "GNOME lts" topic to their adboard: DONE

2012-01-09: we will use gtk 3.4
g-c-c and g-s-d will stay on 3.2

UDS Session notes:

* platform

 - glib, 2.32: mainloop improvements, monothonic time?, epool?, gmenu (required for dx work), gsettings (dconf will need to be updated)
-> we will update to the current glib

 - gtk 3.4: kinectic scrolling, multitouch (conflicting with utouch?), menu integration being done, a11y improvements
if gtk gets multitouch upstream in a different way we might not expose those apis on Ubuntu

-> that will need to be resolved
-> once that's resolved decide on wheter we go with 3.4 or do backporting to 3.2

 - gvfs: should be keep it in sync with glib? new gvfs will likely depends on udisk2 (rewrite) which we probably don't want to take for the lts

* applications:

- by default stay on 3.2, pick up some new components:
  some other easy ones (eog?, yelp? evince?)

- gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon: update, rodrigo will track it closely and make sure the current version run on GNOME 3.2

- empathy: stay behind? the new version requires clutter...

- nautilus: stay on 3.2, we don't want the new udisk rewrite and there is no strong reason to update this cycle

- things not on the CD can be updated to 3.4

- evolution: stay on 3.2

- totem: stay on 3.0 we don't want video playing to depends on clutter for the lts

- webkit: go for 1.8, it's a platform component, we need to figure if 1.8 will still support gtk2 before though

- gconf and gtk2 will probably remain on the CD...

* other topic:

- lts cycles for GNOME? Something that came up during GNOME asia, there is a demand for it from different distributors (debian, novell, ...)

good idea -> to bring to the adboard


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