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How will we build the list of desktop bugs that we think we should work on the during the LTS cycle?

The current list from Pedro and Qa are a nice but they only cover selected set, how do we get visibility on i.e foundation issues, kernel bugs, plymouth issues, etc that impact on what we are doing?

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Sebastien Bacher
Bryce Harrington
Ursula Junque
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Proposed for raring
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Martin Pitt

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Also, we need to track design bugs and changes: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/downstream.html

Session notes:

That's mainly an open discussion session on how to handle our bugs
Lists that we have right now:
- release targetted
- milestoned
- team assigned
- rls-mgr-X-tracking / rls-X-tracking
- http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-desktop/precise.html
- We want one page with two tables:
 - stuff we are committed to (release targetted + rls-X-tracking)
 - stuff we need to evaluate/assign (release targetted + !rls-X-tracking)
  - divide them between target to precise and the release tracking one.
- investigate on how to filter the bugs.
  - brad's reports have the ability to filter by packages
- create launchpad teams for each of the parts of the desktop (if not already there), and subscribe the team to all pertinent packages
  - gnome-team
  - firefox-team
  - xorg-team
  - libo-team
  - network-manager
  - dx-tracking
- desktop-team = gnome + firefox + xorg + dx-tracking etc.
- libreoffice
Put a link to the design pages and viceversa : http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/downstream.html
- SRU bugs : discuss the bugs adding after / before the release.
  - bugs targetted to the released filed before or after the release, might improve SRU triaging/spotting
- tracking bugs on another team (kernel, foundations, etc):
 - follow x team approach of opening a task for the desktop package.
== Sidenote ==
- assignees can't be used to represent the person that's working on the bugs because currently it's not possible to say in Launchpad that you are willing to fix a bug (as a user, not a team) otherwise than assigning yourself to it


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-12.10-beta-2:
Split Precise page in two, one containing release targeted and the other with the rls-X-tracking bugs: DONE
[bryce] Investigate on how to filter the bugs aka add search: POSTPONED
[bryce] Create/Review launchpad teams for each of the parts of the desktop ie: desktop-team, firefox-team, xorg-team, etc.: POSTPONED
[bryce] add link to the design pages: POSTPONED
[bryce] improve the way SRU bugs are being shown, diff between bugs filed after and before release: POSTPONED

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