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Wayland offers a lot over the existing Xserver, and Bryce has done all the work that needs to be done to get it in Universe. Can we run X on Wayland, what are the prerequisites for depending on Wayland, and what needs to be done to get there?

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Work items for ubuntu-11.10:
[bryce] Merge with Debian's wayland/wayland-demos packages: done
[bryce] Upload new Wayland protocol snapshot, dropping hard-dep on cairo-gl: done
[bryce] File MIR for wayland: done
[raof] Enable libwayland-egl in mesa 7.11 (requires wayland in main): done
[sarvatt] Include wayland in xorg-edgers: done
[bryce] Upload new Wayland demos snapshot (requires libwayland-egl): done

Work items for ubuntu-12.10:
[raof] Check that the X server in the archive can run as a Wayland client:
[bryce] Update Wayland snapshot:
Write/convert a trivial Wayland compositor:
[robert-ancell] Modify LightDM to support a wayland-local seat type:
Extend trivial Wayland compositor to act as PolicyKit authenticator:
Extend trivial Wayland compositor to act as screensaver/lock screen:
Add a desktop session to start a Wayland session:
Smoke test of some sort:

These are all targets of opportunity; we don't expect to do anything serious with Wayland until after the 12.04 LTS, but would like to prepare for those changes.

The Wayland transition path that we see is:
• Running Wayland as an X client, so that Wayland clients may be tested.
• Using Wayland demo-compositor + a LightDM greeter to start user's X sessions
• Using a LightDM wayland-compositor greeter to start X as a client of the LightDM compositor
  ∘ At this point the LightDM compositor can provide useful features - a trusted environment for the screensaver/unlock/authentication dialogues, fancy user-switching, and running X with the user's credentials.
• Using a LightDM wayland-compositor greeter to start a Unity wayland-compositor with a rootless X server.
  ∘ Can now support native Wayland clients.

2011-07-19 bryce: The spec is blocked waiting on MIR #810217 now. Don't think we can easily do much more until that clears. [Done]

2011-07-20 pitti: I didn't remove the work item, I just replaced it with a linked bug; it'll still appear as a WI in the tracker that way, but it will auto-update its status according to the bug.

2011-08-10 bryce: wayland-demos packaged and uploaded. Seems relatively easy to crash, but it works.

2011-11-16 robert-ancell: Merging in changes from


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