Sharing and Publishing with Ubuntu One

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- Establish use cases for publishing, sharing, and collaboration, and based on those, design what we want collaboration and sharing to be in U1.

- Publish folders (not only files).

- Re-evaluate published files URLs and having a short URL option.

- Easy story for sharing files (not only folders).

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== Description (from Launchpad) ==
How do people want to make their files available to others?
There's the "you can see some of my files" model (letting user B "follow" user A), the "everyone can see some of my files" model (making a file "public"), the "work together on a project" model (users A and B can both see and edit the files for a project), the "collaboration" model (users A and B can see and edit the files for a project and can both edit the same file simultaneously), and others. How can Ubuntu One help with these models? What other models are there?

== Points ==

* If someone commits to his/her directory up in Ubuntu One, everybody who is following him/her automatically gets a new version.

* Distribution
   - Time limiting shares (looking at how people actually use this)
     o Automatically remove content after the time's up.
     o Content stays on the "guest" computer but he/she will get updates no longer.
   - Subscriptions to shares
   - Publishing (files/folders)
     o With individual files (not having the requirement to put it in a shared folder)

* Collection
* Working together

* Distribution folder created automatically on install in ~/Documents/Published on the web
* options for the user receiving the shared items
* information for the user receiving the shared items
* Creating, changing settings, reminders of the shares
* Notifications: something was shared to you, remember you have something shared to you

== Epiphany ==
* groups folder for working together, so the notion of "my folder" is dropped (it turns out to ours)

== Questions ==
What people think about different models?

== Tasks ==
For each use case (collection, distribution, working together):
1. X shares something in the first place
2. X changes sharing settings
3. X still knows (a week/month/year later) that they have shared something
4. X unshares something
5. Y is notified that something has been shared with them
6. Y still knows (a week/month/year later) that something is share with them.
And if some use cases are deliberately excluded:
7. X understands that that use case is not catered for.
== Actions ==

* For each task in each use case, explore different applications doing similar things, and create a few alternate designs
   - Check google docs, Microsoft Groove, microsoft SharePoint, others
   - sketch how each of them might be expanded to cover the other use cases

* get user testing on: (e.g. paper prototyping)
  - variations on share designs
  - padlocks on read-only items


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