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Windows and Mac OS include color management on the operating system level, to assure that colors look the same when scanning or taking photos, working on the documents on the screen, amd printing. On Linux this is still missing. Free software for a full color management workflow is already there: gnome-color-manager, colord, Oyranos, LittleCMS, ArgyllCMS, Ghostscript, Poppler. What has to be done is to get this software into main and integrate it into the standard setup, including setting reasonable defaults for non-color-management-aware users. Fedora is already implementing color management support using gnome-color-manager and colord. We could base our solution on Fedora.

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Martin Pitt
Till Kamppeter
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The implementation plan for adding ICC-based color management is described by the linked bug reports (work items). Having all these bugs fixed and having added all the packages dealt with there to the default installation will lead to a color-managed system. Anyone more knowledgeable about color management than me, please check whether something is missing. Thanks.

pitti, 2011-05-24: Can the linked bugs please get assigned between Till and Robert? Thanks!

Session Notes:

1. Talk by Richard Hughes from Red Hat (via Skype):

Slides (projected during the presentation):

Architecture plan:

2. Question section after the presentation:

add your questions:
Q: can you verify the calibration using regular equipment like taking a photo of your screen using your camera and have the system decide if the calibrations are ok? (to make colormanagement possible for ordinary people)
Q: from deployment point of view there are no distro integration needed?
A: "Get the latest stuff"
grab colormanager 3.1.1 latest development version
patch cups
patched foomatic
Q: disk footprint?
A: all in ~ 300k
- docs = 50k
Q: if a desktop machine sends a print to a print server does this configuration
A: there are NO way for colord to connect to remote cups instances.
there are probably something we want to support. unknown how to support that.
Q: do we need to add new network protocols to handle this.. perhaps IPP?
QQ: modify printing dialog?
Q: do you have to transmit a ppd from a remote cups to the client?
A. not sure how it does that..
Q: if you are printing on a remote server
A: the client (printing dialog) asks the server and loads the ppd file.
A: pdf with embedded colorprofile then the reciving servers colord will not change it.
Q: can pdfx have embedded ... ?
A: have to check it
suse broke when building out of tree
so build in tree


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