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Pronovix is a Drupal consulting company that is developing a DITA + Drupal documentation platform. They are developing this for use by the Drupal documentation team, and I contacted them expressing an interest in possibly using their project for Ubuntu documentation.

They will provide a demo of their project as well as answer questions about it and DITA.

DITA is the "Darwin Information Typing Architecture," an XML-based documentation syntax developed by IBM. It is designed to be topic-focused and facilitate content reuse. It also allows for conditional text (certain text only appears in certain situations). DITA and its processing toolchain, the DITA Open Toolkit, have broad corporate support, and are used by companies such as RIM, Adobe, IBM, Boeing, and Nokia, Avaya,, and Oracle.

The processing toolchain is Java-based, and supports output formats such as HTML, web help, PDF, and ePub. DITA and the DITA Open Toolkit are currently only packaged in OpenSUSE, though bugs exist requesting it to be packaged in all major distros.

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Work items:
[jwcampbell] Jim: Send email to docs team about the platform to arrange for testing from the team: DONE
[jwcampbell] Make sure regular contributors to K/X/Ubuntu + server docs have access to testing platform: TODO
[jwcampbell] Have a meeting to assess platform with the docs team, incl workflow considerations: TODO
[jwcampbell] Once doc team assesses, work with Matthew Nuzum to get evaluation environment: TODO
Provonix - let us know how to install local test env or provide access to a test env.: DONE
[jwcampbell] Write blog post about the platform to draw attention to it within the community: TODO
Provonix team to show where to get the source code: TODO
Pronovix - Confirm ability to output to PO / POT files on a sentence-by-sentence basis: TODO
Pronovix - Work to port the platform to Drupal 7 (may be 2-3 weeks worth of work): TODO


Work Items

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