Déjà Dup Backup Tool by default

Registered by Jason Warner

Déjà Dup [1] is a simple backup tool designed to be easy to use and well integrated. It's aimed at GNOME and casual users.

This specification proposes that it be installed by default in Ubuntu.

[1] https://launchpad.net/deja-dup

Blueprint information

Martin Pitt
Michael Terry
Needs approval
Michael Terry
Series goal:
Accepted for oneiric
Milestone target:
milestone icon oneiric-alpha-2
Started by
Michael Terry
Completed by
Michael Terry

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CD space will be roughly 0.8M

Work items for oneiric-alpha-1:
Determine the exact effect on CD space and confirm with Pitti it isn't unreasonable: DONE
Change deja-dup UI handle missing boto and cloudfiles more gracefully: DONE
Finish support for Ubuntu One on the UI: DONE

Work items for oneiric-alpha-2:
Add Ubuntu One backend to duplicity: DONE
File librsync MIR: DONE
File duplicity MIR: DONE
File deja-dup MIR: DONE
Change packaging to merely Suggest python-boto and python-rackspace-cloudfiles: DONE
[chipaca] Get U1 designer sign off: DONE
Change desktop seed to Recommend deja-dup: DONE
Drop deja-dup from the Featured app set: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-11.10-beta-1:
Do an accessibility sweep: DONE
[mpt] Do a usability sweep (and think about a possible installer experience): DONE
Write a release notes paragraph: DONE

pitti, 2011-05-18: Looking forward to seeing this, lack of backup has been a long-standing wart. One question, how well would librsync work for Ubuntu One? rsyncing to ~/Ubuntu One and then having that mirrored by the sync daemon sounds a bit pointless? (I don't think that ubuntu one syncdaemon uses rsync, but haven't checked).

mterry, 2011-05-18: Pitti, it's a bit more complicated than that. Duplicity uses librsync, but then wraps the result in many tarball chunks and deposits those on the server. And the Ubuntu One folder in which DD puts those tarballs would be unsynchronized.

mterry, 2011-08-15: mpt's usability sweep (along with what has been fixed since) can be seen here: https://live.gnome.org/DejaDup/Design/Review-2011-07


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