Replacement user accounts dialog

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Fedora have a nice new user accounts tool (accountsdialog, not installed by default yet), which is not dependant on system-tools-backends. Review its suitability for Ubuntu, as well as the impact on:

- gdm and indicator-session (accountsservice provides information about users, which both of these could probably use. Fedora might already have a gdm patch to use it)
- gdmsetup (accountsdialog provides basic options for changing gdm settings, but doesn't provide all the options we have yet)
- gnome-about-me (can accountsdialog replace this entirely yet, or would it need some extra work?)

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Sebastien Bacher
Chris Coulson
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Chris Coulson
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Sebastien Bacher
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Sebastien Bacher

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seb128, 2012-05-22: the new account is part of GNOME3 and landed in Oneiric

seb128, 2010-07-22: defer to the next cycle since we don't have the spare cycles to work on those changes

discussion notes:
 * the new dialog is an easy one for users not for sysadmins
   - This is probably by design - there is a case for a more advanced user admin tool
 * Are then any issues with us differing from Debian?
   - No
 * Not an official GNOME project (but expected to be proposed)

 - [ccoulson] Package and install accounts-dialog
 - [ccoulson] Need to investigate what needs to be configured for Ubuntu
 - [ccoulson] Remove system-tools-backends, gnome-system-tools (obsolete)
 - [ccoulson] Filter out non-users (e.g. gdm, ntp)
 - [dx] Migrate me menu to new user API (drop GDM patch)
 - [ccoulson] Drop gnome-about-me (avatar and password can be changed in accounts-dialog, vcard can be added for user in evolution)
 - [ccoulson] Investigate guest login option in accounts-dialog
 - [ccoulson] Disable the login screen settings in accounts-dialog and use Ubuntu gdmsetup tool (it has options not supported by accounts-dialog yet)
 - [design] Request input from design team for login screen dialog, consider future of gdmsetup
 - [ccoulson, TheMuso] Investigate option for enabling accessibiliy from the accounts-dialog

Work items:
Request input from design team for login screen dialog, consider future of gdmsetup: TODO
Investigate option for enabling accessibiliy from the accounts-dialog: TODO

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
[chrisccoulson] Package accounts-dialog: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Package accountsservice: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Disable login-screen settings in accounts-dialog: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Investigate what needs configuring for Ubuntu: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Split gnome-about-me from gnome-control-center: TODO
Install accountsservice and accounts-dialog: TODO
Drop gnome-system-tools and system-tools-backends: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Integrate GDM with accountsservice: TODO
Integrate indicator-session with accountsservice: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Drop GDM patch(es) to expose user information: TODO
Update Me menu to not launch gnome-about-me: TODO


Work Items