Software Center UI Enhancements

Registered by Rick Spencer

UI enhancements planned for Software Center version 3.0.

 - Single-pane department screen.
 - Hide non-application packages by default.
 - History section.
 - "Where is it" feature to reveal the location of newly installed apps.
 - Dragging installed applications from Ubuntu Software Center to a launcher.
 - Add-on packages.
 - Add-on media.
 - Improved license info.
 - Custom package lists.
 - Assimilation of apturl.
 - Back and Forward menu items and keyboard equivalents
 - Add PPA/channel support to the installed items view.
 - Navigating to item via search doesn't show its department/subsection.

Planned for Software Center 3.0 but covered (and work items tracked) in separate blueprints:

 - Selling software.
 - Discovery of new apps released using the upcoming mechanism for delivering apps post-release.
 - Copying installations across computers.

Blueprint information

Sebastien Bacher
Gary Lasker
Needs approval
Gary Lasker
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
Started by
Gary Lasker
Completed by
Gary Lasker

Related branches



Works items:
implement a drag object to represent an app: POSTPONED
write drag code: POSTPONED
[DX team] implement drop handler in Unity launcher: POSTPONED
[mpt] design interaction for add-on media: POSTPONED
[mvo] detection needs to be added to update-notifier: POSTPONED
[mvo] add-on media, related work lp:~mvo/+junk/apt_download_bundle: POSTPONED
define metadata for license information (and think about i18n): POSTPONED
add support to display basic licensing info for Partners repository ("Open Source" / "Proprietary"): POSTPONED
add button to display the whole lawyery info: POSTPONED

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
remove code that implements current two-pane subcategories view: DONE
refactor UI code for single-pane subcategories view: DONE
implement new single-pane subcategories view with "All nnn" link (per spec): DONE
display list view for the corresponding subcategory: DONE
review and consider for merging lp:~j-johan-edwards/software-center/hide_nonapp_pkgs and mvo's Xapian-based counterproposal prototype at lp:~mvo/software-center/hide_nonapps_pkgs_xapian: DONE
[j-johan-edwards] create status bar widget that generates callback on a text click: DONE
merge branch, finish integrating hide non-apps feature: DONE
[osomon] implement history section: DONE
[mpt] spec UI for announcing newly-installed applications: DONE
[j-johan-edwards] implement custom package lists: DONE
make back/forward actions: DONE
wire back/forward actions into menu items: DONE
integrate back/forward actions to custom nav buttons: DONE
implement channel support for installed packages: DONE
write code to populate subnodes of "Installed Items" view: DONE
switch to large icons view for single-pane department screen: DONE
[mvo] implement an "All" navigation button when viewing the full category list, e.g., Get Software -> Games -> All: DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
[mmcg069] create new gtk-based application details view: DONE
[mmcg069] fix case where the application install button is not disabled when switching from list to details view during an install: DONE
implement needed changes to navigation history code so it works correctly with new category and single-pane dept views: DONE
update application reselect code in list views for new design: DONE
add code to detect packages that do not have an associated repository: DONE
implement "Other" item in the left navigation panel for display of packages that don't have an associated repository: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10-beta:
[kiwinote] implement apt-url features: DONE
[kiwinote] integrate gdebi features to support installation of a .deb file by USC: DONE
[mvo] implement "Where is it" feature to display the location of a given app in the menus: DONE
[ilidrissi.amine] investigate best way to detect a useful list of add-on packages: DONE
[ilidrissi.amine] write code to detect add-ons: DONE
[ilidrissi.amine] create UI for displaying add-ons with checkboxes: DONE
[ilidrissi.amine] implement install of list of add-on packages: DONE


Work Items