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This is a forum for discussion of team goals for the release. This includes: packaging, bugs, branches, applications, and anything else someone can think of.

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Micah Gersten
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Micah Gersten
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Accepted for maverick
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Micah Gersten


* micahg 6/14/2010 work delayed due to FF364/Xul192 backports to hardy/karmic/jaunty
* micahg 6/16/2010 delay TB3.1 transition in Maverick to Beta due to need to backport lightning and 3.0 and 3.1 requiring different versions
* micahg 8/2/2010 Firefox 4.0 all-in-one and Mozilla milestone PPAs delayed until beta
* micahg 8/19/2010 Postponing messaging menu integration per chrisccoulson until we can do it right (for Natty)
* chrisccoulson 23/08/10 New packages in archive with xulrunner dependencies:
 * parole - This dependency is not actually needed, so I dropped that and opened http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=594073
 * instantbird - This is cool, so we keep
 * weave - needs xulrunner as a build-depend. We can keep this, as it's being merged in to FF4.0 anyway, so maintenance effort will drop to zero
 * moz-gnome-pm - my extension, which needs xulrunner at build time to compile the typelib

Work items for maverick-alpha-1:
[micahg] Thunderbird Stable PPA: DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
[micahg] Mozilla package seed: DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
[chrisccoulson] Add Provides: Iceweasel to firefox package control file: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Clean up transitional packages from Hardy -> Lucid and Karmic -> Lucid upgrades: DONE
[micahg] OpenJDK backport for firefox-stable (PPA) (No longer needed with OpenJDK SRUs): DONE
[micahg] Transition firefox-3.7 to firefox-4.0 when appropriate: DONE
[micahg] Prepare Thunderbird 3.1 daily branches: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Add a xulrunner-nox package w/out GTK deps for servers using couchdb: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-10.10-beta:
[micahg] Prepare Thunderbird 3.2 daily branches: TODO
[micahg] Thunderbird Basic Messaging Menu integration: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] Evaluate feasibility of packaging pyxpcom: POSTPONED
[micahg] Package lightning for Maverick: TODO
[micahg] Backport lightning to Lucid (thunderbird-stable as well): TODO
[micahg] Push xul rdepends patches up to Debian/upstream where applicable: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Make firefox-4.0 in PPA an all-in-one Firefox: DONE
[micahg] Set up milestone Firefox/Thunderbird PPAs: TODO
[micahg] Improve Firefox ubuntu wiki pages: TODO
[micahg] Make sure dictionary symlinks are cleaned up: TODO
[micahg] Merge/sync xul rdepends from Debian: TODO
[micahg] Transition to Thunderbird 3.1: DONE
[micahg] - enigmail: DONE
[micahg] - lightning, lightning-locales: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Evaluate xul rdepends in archive and drop what we can: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Ask Mozilla about translation permissions: DONE
[scottritchie] Edit testing wiki page to mention firefox test suite stuff: TODO
[micahg] SRU enigmail-locales w/transitional packages: DONE
[micahg] Merge xul rdepends from Debian: INPROGRESS

Possible Work Items:
Firefox PGO Enhancements: TODO
Firefox notifications: TODO
Thunderbird Notifications: TODO
Plugin Build Assistance (Bug 516350): TODO
Xul extensions category in software center: TODO
Flash multiarch support: TODO
Add packaging documentation to Mozilla sources: TODO
Bring all Mozilla Packages up to 3.8.4 standards: TODO
Make all Mozilla packages lintian clean: TODO
Make all packages use debhelper 6 (Hardy): TODO
Audit mozilla packages in software center for appropriate category: TODO
Seamonkey translations: TODO
Package pyxpcom: TODO
Set up milestone Seamonkey PPA: TODO
Figure out how to bind mono programs (i.e. gluezilla) to a single xul version: TODO
Figure out why eclipse won’t bind to a single xul version: TODO


Work Items

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