Chromium for UNE

Registered by Didier Roche-Tolomelli

Chromium will be a default for UNE, and considering the growing number of users using it, a better security model is needed

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Sebastien Bacher
Chris Coulson
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Chris Coulson
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Accepted for maverick
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Key challenges here include:
1. Figuring out how to get security updates to flow to the desktop in a timely manner
2. Managing window decorations to integrate with the desktop (consider csd in Maverick as well) , see comment #7, needs someone who understands the WM to comment
3. Making the application menu work correctly
4. Handling translations
5. Making it fit on the CD

Work Items:
[mpt]figure out how to integrate it with the global menu bar on UNE: POSTPONED
[didrocks]get a better theme for fitting on the ubuntu theme: POSTPONE
update yelp to 3.0 to drop xulrunner dependency: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] split xulrunner packaging so that we can ship only the parts needed by couchdb on the CD: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] update couchdb dependencies to drop xulrunner from the CD: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] Establish a way of handling translations in launchpad and getting them in to the langpacks: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] MIR for chromium: POSTPONED
[chrisccoulson] Establish a security update process/policy which allows us to distribute updates in a timely fashion: POSTPONED

seb128, 2010-08-30: dropping appmenu and standard icons bugs from the tracking

seb128, 2010-05-27: should we have work items about the technical tasks for dx changes? We also said we would revisit the decision during the cycle to know if we stick on it, that should be documented

om26er, 2010-06-25: I have attached the three bug reports which are linked upstream. these include using global menus, csd and related to theme.

chrisccoulson, 2010-08-16: In light of (specifically the last point), we shouldn't waste efforts anymore on trying to split xulrunner, as it looks like libmozjs as a separate entity will probably be disappearing entirely in the future (and merged in to libxul). What will most likely happen is that we will have to maintain spidermonkey as an entirely separate module to support couchdb (and gnome-shell)

seb128, 2010-08-20: changing the workitems target to maverick and not beta since chromium will not be in main this cycle


Work Items