Tools for better bug triaging and diagnosis

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Tools for better bug triaging and diagnosis

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Martin Pitt
Bryce Harrington
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Bryce Harrington
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Martin Pitt
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Bryce Harrington

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We should do this asap to improve the quality of bug reports for X during Lucid

Work items for lucid-alpha-2:
Integrate mdz/jbarnes freeze handler for -intel bugs into xorg package: DONE
Consider hooking failsafe-x into where 'xfix' is currently: DONE
Need to remove the call to 'dexconf' from failsafe-x since that no longer does anything useful: DONE
Write a test plan for laptop+projector use case: DONE
Switch arsenal from using edge to using lpnet to reduce exceptions thrown: DONE
Reorganize the Ubuntu-X wiki documentation a bit to make easier to browse through: DONE
Create python class that provides access to relevant data from the log file: DONE
Investigate "heat" parameter exposed in launchpadlib API: DONE
Consider offering a mechanism to file a bug from failsafe-x: POSTPONED
Complete gamer test plan (perhaps rename to performance test plan?): POSTPONED
Write a test plan for dual head use case: POSTPONED
For bugs tagged 'resolution', extract the resolution detection logic and try to identify why it failed: DONE

Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
[pitti] Get rethrow_signals patch fixed so apport works with xorg-server: DONE
Verify the freeze hook does trigger when the uevents fire: DONE
Verify the freeze hook is collecting the information upstream wants: DONE
Create parsing routine which takes an Xorg.0.log and fills in the python class: POSTPONED
Create launchpadlib tool which uses xorg parsing code and adds the information to the bug: POSTPONED
Identify "interesting" warnings and errors (i.e. exclude innocuous messages): POSTPONED
Port arsenal's auth handling to use new routine in launchpadlib: POSTPONED
[pitti] Enable sourceful stack traces in Apport retracer: DONE
[jbarnes] Collect screenshots and/or videos of several common classes of failures, identifying likely causes and components: POSTPONED


bryce 2009-11-16: Drafted blueprint to identify tasks. Let me know of more elaboration is needed on any of the items.
pitti, 2009-11-24:
 - please add work items
 - "auth/credential stuff is now taken care of by launchpadlib itself" -> it is, and it's highly useful; this removed some 50 lines of code :-) check Launchpad.login_with()
 - approved
bryce 2009-12-14: IIRC the entire mode where xfix used to appear is now gone. We might consider hooking in failsafe-x somewhere else, but that's beyond the scope of this spec for now.
bryce 2010-01-06: Near as I can tell, there is no such thing as 'heat' in launchpad. There's no mention of "heat" in the api docs, and in examining the attr/coll/entr of the launchpad object I don't see anything that looks related. I've instead ported brian's 'gravity' algorithms into arsenal, which looks quite suitable for our purposes.
brian 2010-01-07: bug heat is currently under development by the Launchpad bugs team -
bryce 2010-02-12: As per decision by rick and pitti, remaining tasks are to be deferred so time can focus on bug fixing instead.
bryce 2010-02-16: QA team will be crafting blueprints for test plan work, so the two testing tasks no longer need carried here.
bryce 2010-02-17: Modesetting is now being done by the kernel for the three big drivers, so analyzing Xorg.0.log for figuring out these bugs is no longer relevant.
bryce 2010-02-18: X freeze apport hook now works! See bug #524211
bryce 2010-07-22: All work items are resolved now. The postponed items are now either no longer relevant or have been moved to other plans as appropriate.


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