Enable StarTech USB2VGA2 adapter

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During the sprint I received a StarTech USB2VGA2 adapter from DavidM which needs to have X support added for it. The karmic kernel recognizes the device (was not tested ith with Lucid), but X does not see it (likely because X does not probe USB for display cards). You have to install an xorg.conf file and restart X and the device then works as expected.

Work items for lucid alpha-3:
* Identify drivers required for USB2VGA2 hardware
* Package drivers required for USB2VGA2 hardware
* Test to ensure USB2VGA2 hardware works properly

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Martin Pitt
David Mandala
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Accepted for lucid
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Martin Pitt

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Work items:
Identify drivers required for USB2VGA2 hardware: DONE
Package drivers required for USB2VGA2 hardware: DONE
Test to ensure USB2VGA2 hardware works properly:

pitti, 2010-02-10:
- Target of opportunity for lucid
- This sounds like it might require more intrusive changes to X.org's core code, to probe for USB based display devices? If so, it might be appropriate to report this upstream, and postpone it from lucid?

bryce, 2010-02-11:
- That's correct, it will require constructing a USB-bus based video detection system similar in nature to the PCI-based one currently implemented. The DisplayLink and Century device enablement blueprints I posted along with this one also need the same functionality in place.

bryce, 2010-04-14:
- I did not get time to work on implementing this detection system, as my Lucid X duties kept me fully booked throughout the release. However I've written up my thoughts on what would need to be done on the attached wiki page. It seems like a lot of coding work.


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