Social From The Start - Gwibber Integration

Registered by Martin Pitt

Discuss Gwibber integration possibilities in the installer, and the desktop. This continues the work from

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Martin Pitt
Ken VanDine
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Ken VanDine
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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The "Social from the Start" notion is ...

Possible features include:

1. Microblogging from Session menu
2. Converge social networking accounts into "About Me", make accessible from places like Session Menu

The status of Gwibber as a suitable backend for this is:
 * review alternatives for a desktop service (in progress)
 * scope work for gwibber improvements and create a plan (in progress)

Some things to discuss:

 * How can we expand the use of social services on the desktop?
   - existing opportunies?
   - new ideas?
 * First run experience?
   - How do users discover the social capabilies of the ubuntu desktop?
   - How do users configure their accounts?
 * New gwibber features?
   - twitter lists?

[rick-rickspencer3 2009-01-06 - moving all work items to a3 for now, will choose a subset to commit to in a3 next week or so]

[rickspencer3: 2010-01-07]
For a3 focus will be on:
1. finish what is started
2. prepare for Main inclusion
3. support me menu

We will only commit to work items necessary for these goals. Other work items remain targets of opportunity.

work items (lucid-alpha-2):
scrub dependancies: DONE
design new account configuration interface: DONE

work items (lucid-alpha-3):
cache messages in desktopcouch: DONE
store configuration in desktopcouch: DONE
create new account configuration interface: DONE
document the python api: DONE
complete the dbus and python api: DONE

work items (ubuntu-10.04-beta-1):
Start Gwibber in the user's session (only if they have configured accounts), but don't open a window by default (tweets will show as notifications): DONE
Delay the startup, unless the user manually starts it immediately on login: DONE
Add configuration for autostart: DONE
Gwibber service keeps running by default when its window is closed real quit would be File->Quit: DONE
The window itself be titled "Social broadcast messages": DONE
The icon in the messaging menu be a b&w whistle, or similar symbolic image, which we re-use for this purpose elsewhere, for example in the System Prefs (perhaps get feedback from UX): DONE
Gwibber settings menu renamed to "Social messaging preferences" (perhaps get feedback from UX): DONE
Gwibber accounts menu renamed to "Social accounts" (perhaps get feedback from UX): DONE
set facebook as the default protocol in empathy-accounts: DONE
add exception handling for dbus connections/calls: DONE
add exception handling for message handling: DONE
add exception handling for errors/tracebacks from plugins: DONE
add exception handling for account failures: DONE
document the dbus api: DONE

work items (ubuntu-10.04-beta-2):
move password storage to the keyring: DONE
add dialog to handle prompting for password/key if a service doesn't have one in the keyring: DONE
extend GwibberException to handle needed passwords/keys: DONE
call for testing, specifically for account data that is synced with ubuntuone: DONE
prevent duplicate accounts when syncing: DONE
automaticly compact desktopcouch databases: DONE

targets of opportunity:
allow for do not disturb, detect status from IM and hide notifications: TODO
detect network status from NetworkManager: DONE
simplify scheduler: DONE
improve work flow for facebook account authorization: DONE
create re-usable widget for posting status: DONE
create post tool that embeds the widget: DONE
spacial/temporal notifications: TODO
store links from messages in desktopcouch: TODO
finish and release couchdb-sharp: TODO
provide UI/api for retrieving links: TODO
add screensaver that pulls images from a social feed: TODO
add share widget to the software center: TODO
add a feed of photos and albums from friends in f-spot: TODO
discover social networks (depends on firefox sync): TODO


Work Items