Upstart compatible services-admin

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Bring back services-admin which knows about upstart.

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Martin Pitt
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Chris Coulson
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Martin Pitt

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update to latest upstream version of g-s-t: DONE
check how new services-admin handles upstart jobs:
confirm with Scott that this handling is sane:
split out services-admin into a new binary package (not installed by default):

pitti, 2009-11-10: Please note that the latest upstream services-admin supports upstart now. It only landed a few days before karmic ifnal, so we kept it disabled. So the primary task here is to evaluate what it does and whether it's still too prone to shoot yourself into the foot. Upstream is very responsive and attached to Ubuntu, though; I'm sure he'll fix stuff once he gets a nice bug report what to change.

2009-11-29: Changed to a desktop feature (from foundations) as the command-line option to enable/disable services exists

2010-02-19 Jean-François Fortin Tam: system-services still isn't back in Lucid, will it appear anytime soon?

2010-02-22 pitti: This spec is currently un-owned, and not a priority for lucid. If someone wants to pick it up, that's fine. But we need to make sure that it's really robust, since it's all too easy to shoot yourself into the foot with this by disabling essential system services. Personally I'm fine with ignoring this for lucid LTS and re-visisting for the next cycle.

2010-03-07 milanbv: I'm pretty confident that services-admin can be easily reintroduced in Lucid without risks.Upstart jobs are hidden since they are the less interesting to disable (too essential), SysV scripts are handled as before, but with a nicer GUI. Critical services like D-Bus and GDM are now hidden, so you can't really get your system broken by playing with services-admin. So I vote for reintroducing it ASAP, if possible in the default install, or in a separate package if you prefer.

2010-03-09 pitti: Chris doesn't have time to work on this after all. Untargetting, open for someone to pick it up.

2010-03-11 komputes: Milan Bouchet-Valat has opened a PPA with a services-admin (which ignores upstart jobs). Needs testing. See Bug #435935.


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