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Quickly template enhancements

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Rick Spencer
Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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Rick Spencer
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Accepted for lucid
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Martin Pitt
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Didier Roche-Tolomelli

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Work items:
[rick-rickspencer3]add glade tutorial to quickly tutorial: DROPPED
[jml]help didrocks to provide launchpadlib hints to get/push ssh and gpg key: DONE
[didrocks]add ssh check: DONE
[didrocks]add gpg check: DONE
[didrocks]refactor Email choice strategy (see below): DONE
[didrocks]add manual dependency: DONE
[didrocks]format output of package/release commands to provide summary to CL and create a log file: DONE
[didrocks]make ubuntu-project template use translatability conventions: DONE
[shanepatrickfagan]port the documentation over to docbook: DONE
[shanepatrickfagan]format current ubuntu-project documentation into proper documentation package: DROPPED
[shanepatrickfagan]add translations documentation: DONE
[jml]add unit tests to ubuntu-project template: DROPPED
[rick-rickspencer3]make preferences dialog generate UI based on data model: DROPPED
[rick-rickspencer3]add a desktopcouch setup system to populate databases, etc... with quickly qake or similar: DROPPED
[didrocks]make the desktopcouch setup script run after post install (depending task POSTPONE): POSTPONE
[didrocks]make version bumping system work like ubuntu year.month.increment: DONE
[didrocks]refactor some commands to a generic "add" command (dialog, …): DONE
[didrocks]fix devscript dependency suggested by python-distutilsextra without pulling the whole ubuntu ecosystem (postfix…): POSTPONE
[didrocks]make release uploading to LP the right files, creating milestones, annoucements, etc.: DONE
[jml]guide didrocks to be able to push those files and milestones: DROPPED
[didrocks]release should populate the debian/changelog with commit messages: DONE
[didrocks]enhance copyright handling (remove Copyright file): DONE
[didrocks]let release/share specify to which ppa to publish: DONE
[didrocks]refactor and reduce command numbers (create a configure command): DONE
[didrocks]automate gtkaboutdialog from Quickly infos: DONE
[didrocks]rename ubuntu-project to ubuntu-application: DONE

pitti, 2009-12-04: swapping drafter/approver, since didrocks did the work items

 * Email assignment strategy / GPG key creation help
 It's quite difficult to know (being disconnected or not) which email address to use. Email choice is particularly important regarding GPG key for uploading to LP. This involves:
 - being able to choose (in both case: before first connection to LP and when the first "share/release" is done) the right email
 2. EMAIL in bzr (if set)
 3. EMAIL / id of the system
 4. Author_email in setup.py (if set)
 5. Iterate over LP email addresses (begin with preferred)
   -> we set bzr whoami and author_email in setup.py with first sucessfull found email adress
   -> we set the licence file "AUTHORS" to it if still the default.
   -> if quickly share/release (with LP connection and GPG key needed), we check for each candidate that we have a GPG key both locally and on LP and take the first match.
   -> we set DEBEMAIL to it for all subprocess (like debchanges called by python-distutils-extra)
 - GPG easier creation
 - Launchpad patching to access GPG key with launchpadlib
-> If signing isn't working, ask for the user to change their email adress

Did the docbook conversion and the .pot file so quickly's docs are ready for translation. I proposed a merge to my branch.


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