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Gwibber features needed in support of the Social from the start initiative as well as stabilization needs.

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Things to discuss:

 * Profile image caching
   - maybe looking at webkit-gtk caching
 * webkit memory caching
 * dbus for passing messages as json or pull them directly from couch?
 * message storage/cache in couch
 * gtk fixes for close buttons in tree view
 * unviewed message count per stream displayed
   - should that message count be in the indicator?

= Gwibber Enhancements =

== Stability improvements ==
 * don't pass messages over dbus, cache them in couchdb and applications retrieve them directly from couchdb
 * imaging download/caching, there is a problem with fetching messages and updating the icon when it is done downloading
 * check out gio and watching from icon caching watches

 == First run experience ==
  * work is already planned to create a new account interface

== usability enhancements ==
  * indicator usage, display count as well as replies
  * display message count in the tree

  * create a simple new text input window that applications can call that pre-populates some text that you can edit it and post
    - sosocial, just enhance what is there
  * default to checked for send/receive checkboxes for new accounts
  * close notifications when the all messages stream is focused (perhaps don't close notifications for replies)
  * check for interest and quit the daemon when client is closed if there is no interest (in the indicator)
  * toolbar is mostly wasted space, if we can find a better place for search we should get rid of it
  * menu includes a view for "Account Tree", when select the tree view is titled "Streams". Calling it a tree is confusing.
  * search column should be removed from the account screen
  * consider options for optimize the user interface for the casual user

 * Move search to the search stream, get rid of toolbar
 * combobox needs to be reviewed for behavior with dark themes
 * include a feeds for all mentions, including people you aren't subscribed to
 * create a combined feed that shows everything, replies, mentions, direct messages, etc
 * notifications should be a little smarter about content and make simpler choices for contents presented in notify-osd
   - if it is a photo posted, display "John Doe posted a photo" or if they posted just a url display "John Doe posted a web link"
 * look for missing dependencies for spell checking
 * fail gracefully when url shorteners fail (example: panera bread blocks url shorteners)
 * handle links to software center, kind of like apturl but take you to the view in software center


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