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Default font selection

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Martin Pitt
Arne Goetje
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Arne Goetje
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.04
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Arne Goetje
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Arne Goetje


Work items:
[arnegoetje] ask Jono and dpm to set up a web poll (targeted to Locos?) to ask users which fonts they prefer on the LiveCD desktop: DONE
[arnegoetje] Install ttf-liberation on the desktop by default: DONE
[arnegoetje] prepare a list of available fonts and their pakages in main, grouped by fontconfig language coverage: DONE
[arnegoetje] Ask dpm to ask translators to review the available fonts for their languages and sign off on a wiki page: POSTPONED
Use that information to categorize fonts and font packages: POSTPONED
Discuss how software-center can suggest font packages for a given language (design team, arnegoetje, mvo): DROPPED
Discuss how to modify the font selection dialogs to suggest only fonts which are suitable for the user's language (with clickable "Other" to show rest?) and who can work on this (design team, arnegoetje, ???): DROPPED

arnegoetje 2009-11-27: who of the Design team would like to work on the font selection dialogs and font suggestion in software-center?

mt 2009-11-27 I've subscribed our design leads, Marcus Haslam & Otto Greenslade to this blueprint. Probably best to ping our PM, Iain Farrell (TheDoctor on irc) to get a more specific answer.

arnegoetje 2009-12-16: List of available fonts and sign off page is here:

arnegoetje 2009-12-16: Modified the last two work items, since we need to discuss the implementation details first. I don't think we can get this implemented during the current cycle, since it would need code change in Gnome (and KDE).

arnegoetje 2010-02-04: As discussed with Ivanka, font stuff in software-center is off the list for Lucid and Lucid+1, so we'd rather discuss it when we are ready for that.

arnegoetje 2010-02-09: web poll regarding desktop fonts for the LiveCD is here:

arnegoetje 2010-03-15: added bzr branch with the font package.


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