Integrating DX work into Lucid desktop

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Integrate work from the Desktop Experience team into Lucid.

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Martin Pitt
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Ken VanDine
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.04-beta-1
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Work items:
compiz: backup the user profile on upgrade and ship a tool to restore it: DROPPED
[seb128] compiz: use djsiegel's set of gconf settings: DROPPED
application indicator: get the dxteam gtk change in lucid (new gtype + loadable gtk menuproxy): DONE
application indicator: get libapplicationindicator (new source) packaged and in lucid: DONE
application indicator: get C# bindings for the new lib: DONE
application indicator: get python bindings for the new lib: DONE
application indicator: 19 apps will be ported by dxteam those patches will need to land in lucid: DONE
application indicator: other apps in best community effort: DONE
application indicator: new indicator icon theme to be packaged: DONE
dbusmenu: standard upgrade, 0.2 -> 0.3 (small additions): DONE
notify-osd: review the bubble priorities used in the default installation: DONE
[dbarth]notify-osd: work with dx to set a testplan to make sure correct icons keep being used: POSTPONED
notify-osd: update the notify-osd apport hook to correctly report priority use issues on the buggy softwares: POSTPONED
system-indicators-session: the current session applet will be splited in 2 sources: indicator-session-applet indicator-me-applet, get the new sources in lucid: DONE
system-indicators-session: add the microbloging entry to indicator-me-applet: DONE
system-indicators-session: connect indicator-me-indicator and gwibber: DONE
system-indicators-power: either a gnome-power-manager change or a new source will be required, not decided yet: DONE
system-indicators-power: check that it fallbacks to the current mode if there is no indicator area: DONE
system-indicators-message: update to the new version: DONE
system-indicators-message: update applications to list commands (in their .desktop) + add code support for required actions: empathy: POSTPONED
+evolution (pidgin) + gwibber? + thunderbird???: POSTPONED
system-indicators-sound: gnome-media will be ported to be an application indicator, get the lucid package update with the change: DONE
theming: get the argb + client side patches to gtk ( DONE
theming: evaluate the impact (qa team) on applications and fix firefox which is known to be buggy: DONE
theming: the design team will have theme tweaking or a new theme to get in lucid: DONE
theming: changes to the appearance capplet might be required: DONE
boot: get the plymouth plugins in?: DONE
social-from-start: split the gwibber account dialog: DONE

work items (ubuntu-10.04-beta-2):
notify-osd: update the notify-osd apport hook to correctly report priority use issues on the buggy softwares: POSTPONED


Work Items

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