Application selection in the default install

Registered by Martin Pitt

Review the desktop seeds for applications that we install by default and discuss which to remove/add/change.

 * Including a video editor by default?
 * Revisit games selection

Blueprint information

Sebastien Bacher
Martin Pitt
Needs approval
Sebastien Bacher
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Milestone target:
milestone icon lucid-alpha-2
Started by
Steve Langasek
Completed by
Martin Pitt

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Work items for lucid-alpha-2:
[pitti] unseed gimp: DONE
[pitti] change seeds for gnome-games selection: DONE
[robert-ancell] investigate farmville integration (?): DONE
[pitti] seed pitivi: DONE
[pitti] seed gbrainy: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-1:
before beta-1, review status of pitivi and decide about its fate (keep): DONE
create "Featured Applications" category in software center: DONE
[robert-ancell] investigate tsclient->vinagre merge, unseed tsclient if appropriate: DONE
[djsiegel] UI review of aisleriot: DONE
[djsiegel] UI review of F-Spot for inconsistencies wrt. edit mode: DONE
[shanepatrickfagan] investigate sudoku telepathy integration: POSTPONED
Consider Solang, Shotwell, and gThumb as possible replacement image organizer and editor for Lucid or Lucid +1: POSTPONED
add "edit" button to eog which calls F-Spot: DONE
[raof] f-spot: provide save button and drop instant saving: DONE
[raof] f-spot: provide undo in edit mode: DONE
[raof] f-spot: provide next/prev buttons in view mode: DONE

[rickspencer3 2009-12-07] Note that items under "work items:" are must do's for Karmic a2 on this blueprint. Please do not edit work items without discussing in #ubuntu-desktop first. Thanks.

pitti, 2009-11-25: ready for review

fagan, 2009-11-27: sudoku telepathy integration hosted here: ; but isnt as far as I would like. I propose not including it.

seb128, 2009-11-25: looks good, approved

robert-ancell: Vinagre does not support RDP yet, see We need to keep tsclent/rdesktop for Lucid.

robert-ancell, 2009-12-04: Propose no action for Farmville. It is closed source, requires a Facebook login, we have no control on it. It could change/disappear at any time and us implicitly supporting it would give us no advantage. Existing Facebook users will aready know how to access it.

danny.piccirillo, 2009-12-04: Shouldn't PiTiVi be added now, so that it can be worked on before the final decision is made? Also, was Solang ever considered to replace F-Spot? And finally, shouldn't there be some guidelines as to what applications can be in the Features section of the software center (should use gstreamer when applicable, should be gnome-friendly in general, etc)
P.S. Shouldn't there be a better way to have discussions and leave comments on blueprints?

fagan, 2010-01-07: I asked for suggestions for the suggested applications for the software center on my blog and got a good few I was talking with mpt about this and he said that 50 programs would be nice and we can have a rotation on what programs are suggesting. After looking at the suggestions I think 14 at the moment are appropriate. Jokosher, Gimp, Inkscape, Gnome Do, Thunderbird, Cheese, virtual box (maybe), Blender, Moovida, Banshee, liferea, Wine, Quickly and Miro (maybe).

amano, 2010-01-18: Those shall be featured that most people woud install anyway: *p7zip-full *Flash (Sun Java/OpenJDK) *Java *Gimp *Adobe Reader *Those gnome games removed for lucid *Thunderbird *Restriced Codecs (if possible)?

djsiegel, 2010-03-09: Aisleriot "Select Game..." UI review: Didn't see an obvious way to improve the "Select Game..." dialog. Good alternative is to give Select Game a sub-menu listing all games; a better alternative is to build a better Select Game... dialog that pulls in game descriptions from Help.

djsiegel, 2010-03-09: F-Spot Viewer UI: Many inconsistencies addressed as part of paper cuts ( Will chase down small bug with crop modality.


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