Efficient bug handling workflow/management

Registered by Martin Pitt

At the last UDS we discussed and adjusted our approach to bug triaging/fixing prioritization (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Karmic/BugWorkflow). Review our experience from the Karmic cycle and discuss how to further adjust it, keeping in mind the shifted focus from new features to quality that we have in lucid.

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Rick Spencer
Martin Pitt
Needs approval
Canonical Desktop Team
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
Started by
Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt


Work items:
[pitti] apport symptomps: Generate default bug title so that "proposed duplicates" have a chance to work: DONE
[pitti] identify package hooks which are suitable for generating a default bug title: DONE
[pitti] totem package hook: Generate default bug title so that "proposed duplicates" have a chance to work: DONE
[cr3] provide list of types of problems that we should make symptoms for: DONE
Improve/fine tune parameters for "bug heat": DONE
[rick-rickspencer3] Make bughugger display results of long running queries that are run by cron jobs on servers: DONE
[rick-rickspencer3] Upstream launchpadlib pygtk components: POSTPONE
[bryceharrington] generalize bug searching scripts for other areas of Ubuntu: DONE
[brian-murray] turn batch bug action scripts into bughugger plugins: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04:
[seb128] Disable lp-i menu item for reporting a bug in the stable release; only leave it for the development release: DONE
[pvillavi] Generalize hug day concept and involve the community more: "15 minutes a day ... please triage these three bugs": DONE
[pvillavi] Adopt a package for triaging, give triagers a sense of ownership: DONE
[deryck] Change Launchpad bug interface to setting expectations and next steps (after a user has submitted a bug): DROPPED

pitti, 2010-01-20: converted bug expiry work item into a linked bug; subscribed Marc Tardif since he has a work item here

pitti, 2010-02-16: unlike symptoms, package hooks are generally not suitable for predicting what the error is, and thus what a good default bug title is; only exception is the totem hook, which is very similar to the audio symtpom.

cr3, 2010-02-18: Initial list of symptoms we should eventually have, see below. They are primarily intended as an extensive list of symtpoms I could imagine. I would propose that the next phase should be to refine this list and then elaborate the user experience associated with each. For example, whether the user should be prompted or not. And, if prompted, what the questions should be.

cr3/pitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport/SymptomIdeas has the current list

pitti, 2010-04-27: Dropped LP bug interface change, it's filed in LP and being worked on, but not a desktop spec.


Work Items