Xorg: Karmic Plans

Registered by Rick Spencer

Karmic will be a showcase for the latest and greatest stuff, and a good opportunity to push aggressively with some cutting edge X.org tech. In this session we will go through ideas for upcoming features and changes to X, with the objective of developing a roadmap for us to work to for this release.

Some topics for discussion:

 * Upcoming technology changes for drivers (KMS, UXA, et al)
 * What problems will KMS cause and how can we mitigate?
 * Choose xorg version for Karmic
 * Estimate versions for key libraries and video/input drivers
 * Notable pending merges?
 * Notable bugs needing priority?
 * Involving community in improving support on 8xx Intel hardware
 * Tools and resources
   + whether to continue using git for packaging version control
   + xorg-edgers
   + x-updates PPA - spreading awareness; ongoing support
   + apport for xorg bugs
   + Bulletproof-X - ideas for improving?
   + Bug symptom tagging - http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/X/symptoms_intel.html
   + Automatic X bug triaging - ideas for improving?


  * Specification outlining roadmap at a high level, with pointers to bugs or blueprints.
  * Compatibility requirements that we will be communicating to vendors and customers.

Blueprint information

Martin Pitt
Bryce Harrington
Needs approval
Bryce Harrington
Series goal:
Accepted for karmic
Milestone target:
Started by
Bryce Harrington
Completed by
Bryce Harrington

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2009-05-26 bryce: UDS Session resulted in preliminary decisions on main component version numbers

2009-06-03 bryce: I've drafted a preliminary requirements list and finished initial drafting of the specification. Please review for approval.

2009-06-04 pitti: I followed up on your email with some corrections and possible additions.

2009-06-04 pitti: Approved after recent corrections.

2009-06-05 bryce: Sent to partners. Most of blueprint is complete at this point.

2009-06-09 bryce: Remaining tasks are now complete. Now just a matter of merging in xserver 1.7 when it becomes available. :-)

Work Items:
 * Write roadmap: done
 * Send roadmap to video driver partners, other teams, and any other X.org requirements consumers: done
 * Pull intel-gpu-tools into Karmic/Universe: done
 * Update directions at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-freeze-test (Probably move into wiki): done
 * Follow up with jbarnes regarding automatic GPU lockup resetting / apport triggering: done
 * Ogasawara says she can obtain a listing indicating the most common video hardware; this needs following up on: done
 * Provide jbarnes with a listing of the hardware Canonical certifies against: done

2009-08-05 bryce: xserver 1.7 has not been released by upstream in time for making it to Karmic, thus we've decided to retarget xserver 1.6.3. Spec updated.


Work Items

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.