Roundtable: improve translations

Registered by Arne Goetje on 2009-04-17

Roundtable discussion about what we can improve regarding translations for the Karmic cycle

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Arne Goetje
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Martin Pitt on 2009-12-03

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2009-06-01, pitti: This spec contains a lot of actionable items for a lot of different places and is marked "informational". Please split out the agreed points to separate per-topic blueprints (or bug reports for small items).

BoF notes:

== Launchpad items, collected with Jeroen Vermeulen ==

-> file bugs and blueprints for Rosetta

Launchpad Translations work that could help Ubuntu:

* improve translation import approval
  * get the translation domain from the .pot filename
  * check if the same template exists already in the database, but for a different source package
  * detect if a template has been renamed by using heuristics

• revert-translations-to-packaged: Support reverting of at least POFiles, but probably larger granularities after that. Include option to either keep or deactivate new-in-Launchpad translations. Option to be available to admins, distro owners, and translation group owners -> Most feasible to implement.

• Allow translators to filter the templates overview for upstream category (Gnome, KDE, Debian, Ubuntu, Unclassified). Look for debtags keys "suite::gnome," "suite::kde," "suite::debian," "suite::mozilla." Some package headers provide origin::ubuntu.
• Why do we get multiple architecture-specific templates, apparently in the same source tarball? They should be merged and we shouldn't be seeing the extras.
• XPIPO imports for XPI-based translations. Assume every PO file uploaded to an XPI-based template is in XPIPO format: ignore msgids since they map to "English translations" which may have changed. Identify messages by the file's msgctx instead; a message without context is an error.
• Translate help files: recognize help templates on import somehow, and tag their PO files on export. Then we can pick them out of the language pack & convert them to their ultimate formats. Analyze Gnome help POT files to see if there's anything we can recognize them by.


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