Social From The Start - Gwibber Integration

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Discuss Gwibber integration possibilities in the installer, and the desktop

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Martin Pitt
Ken VanDine
Needs approval
Ken VanDine
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Accepted for karmic
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Started by
Martin Pitt
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Ken VanDine

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Work items:
split service out 1: DONE
split service out 2: DONE
split service out 3: DONE
split service out 4: DONE
split service out 5: DONE
split config into service: DONE
create UI that renders results from service 1: DONE
create UI that renders results from service 2: DONE
create UI that renders results from service 3: DONE
create UI that renders results from service 4: DONE
create UI that renders results from service 5: DONE
add configuration to gnome-about-me: POSTPONED
create firefox extension: POSTPONED
indicator-sus integration: POSTPONED
announce for testing: POSTPONED
write release note and test plan: POSTPONED

2009-06-01 pitti: Tentatively assigning to Ken, please let me know if someone else should work on this.

2009-06-12 pitti:
 - please integrate whiteboard bof notes into spec and clean whiteboard
 - release note looks funny: "Gwibber... Is mandatory." :-)
 - release note: "configuration will be moved out of gwibber and into the about-me user interface" -> that sounds more like "Design", not release note? If it's meant to be in the release notes, this needs to be clarified/rephrased
 - user stories: from a naive user experience, it seems strange that you have to configure your accounts twice: first in the web browser, and then again on the desktop; or is that meant to pull account data from the browser extension directly? If that's a current technical limitation, please point that out in the spec.
 - design "nobody really liked this idea" doesn't belong into the spec; only mention things that we are going to implement; if you want to keep this, please move it to "BoF agenda and discussion" together with the rationale. (FWIW, I fully agree that the installer is the wrong place for it)
 - oem-setup integration is a good idea, but many people won't see this. Any plans to point out the "social networks" aspect of the "About me" menu entry? (if so, that string change should be done in cooperation with upstream; if not, fine for me)
 - implementation: "The design team is doing a UI review now." isn't helpful for a blueprint; please put in the results, or, if the UI is "good enough", let's just use that for karmic and make further adjustments outside of the blueprint and through bug reports.
 - "Add configuration to about-me" is an UI change; has this been discussed with upstream? it would tightly bind gnome-about-me (gnome-control-center) to gwibber
 - to avoid both the previous point and the "about me" menu item change, has it been considered to just put gwibber into the application menu (which will probably happen anyway) and have it run the configuration wizard at first start?
 - Migration section: blurry and has "if"s which aren't bound to objective decision factors; also it mustn't have "should", the blueprint should tell what we will do; "we should prompt for upgrading users to configure their accounts" -> where and when?
 - test/demo plan needs to grow a lot, but this can be done when beta is available

2009-06-16, pitti:
 - "configure social networks on first boot" -> is that only for oem-config, or also for normal install?
 - recent changes didn't address the "tight coupling of gnome-control-center+gwibber" and "about me menu item doesn't point out social networks" issues; should gwibber appear in the application menu at all? If so, wouldn't it be easier to just have that, and add a simple gwibber configuration wizard launcher to about-me?

2009-06-16: kenvandine:
 - hopefully the changes i just made answer these last points.
   - The first boot stuff is just something that could go into oem-config, but not really in the scope of this spec, I removed that.
   - There will be a menu for viewing your feed and updating your status (one UI) as well as integration with fusa

2009-06-16 pitti: approved, I was told that g-c-c upstream knows and approves those plans

26.07.2009 lol2fast4u: I hope there will be version from Bazaar (at least 1.2), not 0.9.

2009-07-26 kenvandine: The current plan is 2.0

2009-08-27 rickspencer3: Gwibber has been split out and the 2.0 build will be packaged and released for Karmic. However, as nothing in Karmic is using the Gwibber service by default, Gwibber will most likely not ship by default on the CD.

2009-09-08: Gwibber will not be going into main for karmic afterall


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