Parental Controls

Registered by Rick Spencer on 2009-04-16

Provide guidance for OEMs who want to enable:
1. White listing
2. Blacklisting
3. Monitoring
4. Timers

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Rick Spencer
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This session will most likely produce a set of recommendations rather than product work. OEMs and parents both request "parental controls" in their products, though often they are unclear on what they mean by this, as well as the limitations of the system.

Links to related resources and projects:
GChildCare project page:

User Story 1
As a parent of a 5 year old, I want to limit web sites that can be visited from a specific account, so I can ensure that my youngster does not see porn online, but can visit select kid friendly site

The parent invokes a user interface that is password or account protected. They add a list of sites to the UI.

User Story 2
As a parent of a 12 year old, I want to be able to review online activity for a certain account, so I can check if my tween has been viewing porn online

The parent invokes a log of online activity, and reviews the log. They can see what apps have been used, and what sites have been visited. Potential funny business, such as visiting sites by ip address is flagged.

User Story 3
As a parent of a 12 year old, I want to limit how how long a certain account can connect to the Internet, so that I can ensure that my tween only uses the Internet for an hour a day at most

Random notes from the session ...
will clean up later ...

Ken likes the idea of the blacklist

 * timed system
 * switches connectity on and off when it's available
 * working on developer machine
 * calls a local proxy to call all the (squid)
 * needs rules for children, doesn't transmit kids name and address over the internet (implemented)
 * Profiles can be overridenn
 * Has a black list and white list available
 * Targetted to french target
 * There are sites that provide a black list for free, that can be found for free

 * need to polish the gtk
 * need to integrate with policy kit - so you can quickly hop online
 * Wants to put if users are in sudoers

 * uses opendns to do blocking - for free

WebContentControl is merging with gChildCare
If we really want something in three months, could get something polished and ready to go

Dansgaurdian is the basis of the system

 * Would make sense if the interface for PC and etc... was the same interface for setting up user accounts
Would it be possible to work together on it

= Short Term =
 1. Sprint to get a white list system out - in karmic a standalone editor for the white
  - drop down a user
  - type in a permitted site
  - see it added to the list

 2. Add ability to review history
  - add ability to log everything
  - ensure that squid doesn't grow infinitely

 3. Start working on timer

= Work Items =
 * Adminstration GUI
  * set profile
  * edit blacklist/white list
  * view history
  * set timing function
 * Create GUI for web black/white list

 * How does a child request an exception?

 * Need help designing how to interact with blacklist or whitelist
 * Need a source for blacklist

= Done =
 * CL for authorizing sites
 * ''

 * Create gui for viewing history
 * Need to warn if the user targeted is root
 * Need to implement history logging
 * Need to implement time management
 * Need GUI to configure time managemnet

 * rules sharing


Work Items