Karmic Networking UI Improvements

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* first connect experience
* broadband wizard improvements
* small screen layout
* general UI discussion.

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Martin Pitt
Alexander Sack
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Alexander Sack
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Accepted for karmic
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Rick Spencer
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Alexander Sack

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asac, 2009-10-12: marking as implemented as we have a new applet menu which addresses parts of the spec; the passphrase UI experience has also improved.
pitti, 2009-06-30: thanks for the updates, approved

pitti, 2009-06-16:
 - Please add missing standard sections (summary, release note, test plan)
   + (asac) added.
 - Please don't actually call the wizard button "Wizard ...", that's slang; for simplicity, is it possible to only use the wizard, or do we need the traditional "all in one" dialog as well? If the latter, please ask mpt for some guidance.
   -> (asac) changed the wording; we have work items to get duxteam input
 - passphrase format madness (WEP: hex/ascii/etc., WPA has a few as well apparently, such as TKIP/AES): Do we really need an "advanced" button? Can't we tell the format from the data the user entered (length, charset, etc.), or just try to interpret it with all possible formats until we succeed connecting? (starting with the most commonly used format first)
  -> (asac) no, the advanced button exists for the cases where we dont properly get the right encryption from AP fro whatever reason; trying all is not possible, because different encryption standard require different input data.
 - Please ask mpt for some guidance about the final passphrase dialog layout.
  -> (asac) work item added for duxteam review.
 - displaying passphrase as ASCII: "there needs to be some investigation into whether or not this is technically feasible" -> perhaps check if the passphrase contains any characters < 32 or > 127, and display it in hex in this case? otherwise in ASCII?
 -> (asac) This is fixed in NetworkManager from git, server will do that and report the ASCII value if possible.


Work items:
[asac] spec - finalize spec details and get review: DONE
[asac] Broadband wizard - get latest broadband wizard implementation from upstream: DONE
[asac] Broadband wizard - verify that first connect experience matches spec: POSTPONE
[asac] Broadband wizard - draft QA testplan: TODO
[espy] Passphrase - get duxteam input for wep password mockups: DONE
[espy] Passphrase - get duxteam input for connection editor password mockups: DONE
[espy] Passphrase - implement wep password dialog changes based on spec and duxteam input: POSTPONE
[espy] Passphrase - implement applet menu changes based on spec and duxteam input: DONE
[espy] Passphrase - implement connection editor changes based on spec and duxteam input: DONE
[espy] Passphrase - draft QA team testplan: POSTPONE
[espy] Passphrase - upstream password dialog changes: POSTPONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - specify NM dbus interface extension for on-demand scanning: DONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - implement new applet menu according to spec: POSTPONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - disable background scanning: POSTPONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - maybe whitelist background scanning for good chipsets/drivers (intel): POSTPONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - submit changes upstream (and hope): POSTPONE
[asac] Background Scanning UI - draft QA testplan: POSTPONE
[asac] Notifications - review current notification text with duxteam: POSTPONE
[asac] Notifications - change notification texts based on duxteam input: POSTPONE
[asac] Notifications - (partially) upstream notification changes to NM trunk: TODO

Upstream requests on top:
16:48 < dcbw> 1) get rid of the radio buttons, and make the active AP boldface
[awe] - this has accessibility impact; design team recommends keeping radio buttons and not using boldface
16:48 < dcbw> 2) kill the progress bar, use signal strength icons frmo tray
16:48 < dcbw> 3) find some "really strong security" badge icon and use that for WPA-protected networks
[awe] - design team feedback: why is this necessary? users use absence of badge to find open networks they can use.
16:49 < asac> shouldnt the active be on top + bold face, then a separator line for "more networks ..." ?
[awe] - design team feedback: don't use separators between access points ( ie. for favorites & other )


Work Items

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