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In future connection managers will use modemmanager or compatible implementations to provide enhanced (3G) modem functionality. NetworkManager support will officially be available in 0.8; however, in order to provide options for downstreams and OEMs to make use of enhanced modem features, this spec suggests to maintain a modemmanager enabled build for the NetworkManager 0.7.1 branch; also it suggests to provide modemmanager as well as wader - a modemmanager compatible implemenation based on the VMC code (using python).

User A wants to know the signal strength while being connected to a 3G network, with modemmanager he can just see the current signal strength similar to the wifi signal strength in the applet tray icon

User B roams and wants to scan for available networks; after getting a list of available ones he wants to create a 3G connection configuration from it; with modemmanager he can scan from within network-manager applet and create a broadband configuration based on the scan results

User C wants to change the PIN on his sim-card. With modemmanager he can do so in the nm-applet

User D wants to write a SMS sending application; modemmanager dbus api provides this feature and he does not need to care about the hardware details.

Don't ship modemmanager enabled NetworkManager in karmic; instead run a preview modemmanager PPA with the following packages:
+ modemmanager
+ wader (modemmanager replacement based on VMC)
+ network-manager 0.7.x (with modemmanager patches)
+ network-manager-applet 0.7.x (with modemmanager patches)
+ connman (modemmanager enabled - if upstream version available in karmic supports this feature).

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Martin Pitt
Alexander Sack
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Alexander Sack
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Accepted for karmic
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Alexander Sack on 2009-06-18
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Alexander Sack on 2009-10-15

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(asac) all but the QA testplan there. I think its ok to mark this implemented.

(asac) lightweight spec without wiki page, because its about providing modemmanager preview in a PPA (not real archive). Please sign off anyway, and parse work items.

(asac) for wader info see: http://trac.warp.es/wader/

pitti, 2009-06-19: Approving mini-spec, since this won't land in karmic.

Nafallo, 2009-09-07: So... where is this PPA?

Work items:
Setup modemmanager PPA: DONE
Package modemmanager: DONE
Update modemmanager to latest upstream for feature freeze: DONE
Port modemmanager patches to NM 0.7 branch: DONE
Port modemmanager patches to NM applet 0.7 branch: DONE
package wader and upload to PPA: POSTPONED
draft comparison for wader vs. modemmanager: POSTPONED
draft QA testplan: TODO
Get real life testing by sending call for testing: DONE
Port modemmanager patches to final NM 0.7 version shipped in karmic: DONE
Port modemmanager patches to final NM applet 0.7 version shipped in karmic: DONE
(help upstream to) de-halify modemmanager/wader and move to udev instead: DONE


Work Items

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