Integrating with Ubuntu One

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Integrating with Ubuntu One

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Martin Pitt
Joshua Hoover
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Steve Alexander
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Accepted for karmic
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Joshua Hoover
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Steve Alexander

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pitti - 2009-06-18:
 - DONE - please integrate the remaining important parts of teh BoF notes in the whiteboard into the spec and clean them from the whiteboard

 - DONE - please add some user stories to point out which set of features will land in karmic

 - DONE - just to confirm, contacts and bookmarks sharing is a set karmic goal?
    * Yes, contacts and bookmarks sharing/syncing is a set karmic goal *

 - REVIEW - [design/file sharing]
   1) How to enable U1 initially? Through either: Applications->Internet->Ubuntu One, Nautilus, or the "About Me" work for social from the start
   2) menu item? This was in really in reference to FUSA and has since been removed from the spec.
   3) how to reconfigure it once it's set up (or doesn't it need configuration)? The only end user configuration is done through the web by setting up the computer on your account to enable the computer to be authenticated and authorized with the Ubuntu One service.
   4) How does the integration look like in fusa, and what is "downloads" in this context? Integration with FUSA will feed off the work being done for "social from the start". There will be an option to connect/disconnect from Ubuntu One from FUSA. Downloads in this context means showing the download progress of files being pushed to the user's computer.

  - REVIEW - Do you plan to add U1 as a new default place in the "Places" menu and in nautilus? Yes, this will take the user to the ~/Ubuntu One directory.

  - REVIEW - When the user opens their U1 folder in nautilus, there could be a ribbon/button to allow him to do some configuration? The Nautilus ribbon currently provides a way to connect/disconnect the service, and there is a bug (#384862) for providing a way to do the initial setup from Nautilus as well. It needs a little thought, and there are more pressing issues, so this isn't a definite for Karmic yet.

 - REVIEW - if each user has their own couchdb server, how to tell client apps the TCP port of "their" server?
    * There is a D-Bus daemon, started by D-Bus activation on the user's session bus, which reports the port. *

 - REVIEW - Which packages need to be installed by default, and which are developer-oriented and just need to be in main (but not on the CDs)? CD space is notoriously precious and unavailable :/
    * The packages for the install have been documented in the design section of the spec, next to each package.

 - REVIEW - I guess couchdb will merely sync with e-d-s/Akonadi? The spec makes it sound like it would become their primary data storage; while this is a noble goal, it doesn't sound realistic for Karmic
    * CouchDB will be offered as an alternative contacts store for e-d-s/Akonadi. I will change the wording on the spec to make this clearer.

 - REVIEW - please flesh out "code changes" section to which packages need to be touched (such as e-d-s/akonadi, or nautilus for integrating a new U1 place or the ribbon for stating it)
   * Added additional information on what we're changing within the various packages.

 - DONE - please remove migration section (unless you find something relevant)

 - please add work items to the whiteboard (template below): Use states TODO/DONE/POSTPONED

Work items:
reduce size of erlang runtime: DONE
create package gtk-contacts-picker: DONE
create package couchdb-history: POSTPONED
create package ubuntuone-sync-ui: DONE
create package akonadi-couchdb: POSTPONED
create package firefix-bookmarks-couchdb: DONE
create package python-couchdb: DONE
create package python-desktopcouch-records: DONE
create package dbus-couchdb-records-api: DONE
create package ubuntuone-screensharing: POSTPONED
create package gwibber-couchdb: DONE
create MIR for gtk-contacts-picker: DONE
create MIR for erlang: DONE
create MIR for couchdb: DONE
create MIR for couchdb-bin: DONE
create MIR for couchdb-history: POSTPONED
create MIR for evolution-couchdb: DONE
create MIR for python-couchdb: DONE
create MIR for couchdb-glib: DONE
create MIR for python-desktopcouch-records: DONE
create MIR for dbus-couchdb-records-api: DONE
create MIR for icontool: DONE
create MIR for ubuntuone-client: DONE
create MIR for ubuntuone-storage-protocol: DONE
create MIR for python-oauth: DONE
create MIR for ubuntuone-screensharing: POSTPONED
create MIR for python-configglue: DONE
create MIR for python-pynotify: DONE
add erlang-base to karmic cd: DONE
add erlang-inets to karmic cd: DONE
add erlang-xmerl to karmic cd: DONE
add couchdb-bin to karmic cd: DONE
add couchdb-history to karmic cd: POSTPONED
add ubuntuone-sync-ui to karmic cd: DONE
add evolution-couchdb to karmic cd: DONE
add python-couchdb to karmic cd: DONE
add couchdb-glib to karmic cd: DONE
add python-couchdb-records-api to karmic cd: DONE
add dbus-couchdb-records-api to karmic cd: DONE
add ubuntuone-client to karmic cd: DONE
add ubuntuone-storage-protocol to karmic cd: DONE
add python-oauth to karmic cd: DONE
add ubuntuone-screensharing to karmic cd: POSTPONED
add python-configglue to karmic cd: DONE
add python-pynotify to karmic cd: DONE


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