Implement configuration tool for GDM

Registered by Robert Ancell

GDM 2.26 does not have a graphical configuration tool. Implement this.

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Martin Pitt
Robert Ancell
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Robert Ancell
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Accepted for karmic
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Started by
Martin Pitt
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Rick Spencer

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rickspencer3 (2009-07-16)
I propose that we start with a stand alone tool similar to what was delivered with the previous gdm version. This is the fastest path for fulfilling the user requirement in Karmic. Then when we have the functionality, we can work with upstream to make it the way they envision. (Option A in the spec)

pitti, 2009-07-17:
If upstream doesn't want a standalone app, we would sit on that forever and just duplicate work, I don't quite like that. As far as I see, our predominant need is to configure autologin/timed login. The background image is just a 'nice to have', but if that doesn't make it into karmic, then the world doesn't end. I think upstream thought about adding it to "About me", not users-admin (which is unmaintained and obsolete anyway).

So I vote for adding autologin to "about me" and check with upstream if that's okay with them.

seb128, 2009-07-17:
The way I would go about that is to first make a list of options we want to be able to set. Then look if we can make those fit in current capplets in an user friendly way. If the reply is yes try to work on the upstream way and do that, otherwise write a small gdmsetup replacement for karmic

IanHutchinson, 2009-07-23:
I think its important that we have this tool implemented, and I'm sure a lot of other folks would like to see one too. One of my main concerns is that the UI in the previous GDM is a little cluttered or offputting to our average joe users. I guess a nice do-over of the config app would be a welcomed treat for Karmic.

Work items:
Decide on UI: DONE
Implement Default user: DONE
Implement Login delay: DONE


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