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We are writing an Evolution backend to allow access to CouchDB databases for contacts and this is for now separate from Evolution source tree, so we need to package it for CouchDB

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Martin Pitt
Rodrigo Moya
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Rodrigo Moya
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Accepted for karmic
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Rodrigo Moya
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Martin Pitt

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pitti, 2009-07-01: approved; I'm a bit doubtful about whether it's the best strategy to create a parallel backend (since it's hard to migrate), but I guess you guys discussed that all over already.

rodrigo, 2009-07-01:
- fixed spec and whiteboard as per pitti's last comments

pitti, 2009-06-30:
 - please add the UI changes to the wiki spec, not the whiteboard (and clean it from there again); whiteboard is just for metadata
 - wouldn't it be much better to synchronize e-d-s with couchdb instead of adding a new storage backend everywhere? new types of address books always cause hassle, since you can't synchronize between them, and you manually have to copy over all your existing stuff to couch. If this isn't possible, please point out why (in the spec).

pitti, 2009-06-19:
 - please add work items below, I added a template (use states "TODO", "DONE", and "POSTPONED")
 - please clarify the list of features that it needs to have, and the kind of UI changes that this will bring to Evolution; how will this integration look like?

statik, 2009-08-27:
- updated work items status

rodrigo-moya, 2009-08-27
- updated another item status

Work items:
make evolution read contacts from CouchDB: DONE
make evolution write contacts to CouchDB: DONE
make evolution remove contacts from CouchDB: DONE
allow users to use either the local CouchDB (automatic configuration) or set up the URL for the CouchDB server: DONE
package evolution-couchdb: DONE
write main inclusion report: DONE
get package into main and default installation: DONE


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