Compiz Bug Management

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Bring current compiz bugs to a manageable level to be able to fix underlying problems

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Martin Pitt
Robert Ancell
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Robert Ancell
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Accepted for karmic
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Robert Ancell
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Robert Ancell

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Work items:
Produce user-facing Wiki page for solving common compiz issues DONE
Update Compiz triaging instructions DONE
Update Compiz apport scripts: DONE
Triage compiz bugs to manageable level (multi-day): DONE
Organise community day to check triaged bugs still occur and provide repeatable instructions: POSTPONE

2009-06-01, pitti: The outcome of this should be documentation in the wiki (debugging howtos, and writing down the desktop team bug policy).

Meeting Notes:
- Decide on what is supported for Compiz
- Ideas for improving automation with apport / autofiling
- Wiki page:
  - Users: "Your version is too old, please disable Compiz" (but say nicely)
  - Triagers: How to triage compiz
- What helps upstream?
- Can we get more community involvement?
- <100 bugs for Karmic

Current State:
- 646 bugs, 565 not triaged
- Lots of attempts to handle these, very little progress
- Majority of bugs relate to video drivers

- Group crashers by video drivers - use for statistical analysis
- Reject all bugs using custom compiz configuration (detected with apport)
- Reject all bugs < Jaunty - Compiz will almost certainly not qualify for SRUs so these bugs are just noise
- Encourage users to disable compiz if they have problems (it's not required, try again when they have new video drivers)
- Could someone (e.g. upstream) provide a "compiz compatibility tool" that exercises the stack that compiz uses? Failures would provide good feedback for compiz/X/kernel developers.

1. Run scripts over existing bugs and reassign FGLRX/Nvidia bugs to other packages, or don't allow them getting filed at all (UnsupportableReason)
2. Consider how to manage incoming bugs to keep manageable
3. Improve compiz debugging information -
4. Mark pre-Jaunty bugs automatically Incomplete with request for information - close if no response
5. Let community keep bug count low
6. Pete Graner is getting the most duplicated crash - he may be able to give information
7. Close bugs with good stack traces but no duplicates for a year (with an apology)
8. Close bugs using non-standard configuration (detected by apport through gconf)
9. Close bugs using non-free drivers
10. Follow report
    * feedback / changes to bdmurray

New Compiz help page for users:

Automated scripts used in XOrg:


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