Theme and accessibility for Maverick

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Session to cover the theme for the next release. Include accessibility.

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Plans for the current accessibility themes is going to be driven by the newly reinvigorated ubuntu-accessibility team:

[todo] roadmap for review of current accessibility themes aiming to deliver current status report at next UDS
- personas from the accessibility team
- we need community feedback on what we have now: we don't really know how well we are doing
- if changes need to made they should be easy to implement
- we could create an accessibility sound theme?
- visual indicators for sound events? lib-canbera?
- consider theme specifically for people who use magnification

[todo] define what we mean by accessibility
[todo] create specific questionnaire about the currently available technology and accessibility features
[todo] extend the questionnaire/research beyond the community. Why aren't you switching? What do you need?
[todo] regression testing

Current accessibility profiles, two for low vision
1. makes use of large pointer
2. high contrast icons
3. 48 size white cursor

Accessibility profiles live in the casper package: adjusts settings for live CD session

notify-osd is not 'themeable': how does this support accessibility?
create an accessibility profile for notify-osd?

Accessibility personas
* we don't have them
* how do we create them
* In the context of different types of disabilities
* How do we avoid creating stereotypes?
* Is this a gnome or ubuntu discussion?
* Is this something Ubuntu can do to support upstream?

Work items:
[ivanka] establish how 'themeable' unity is: DONE
[charlinepoirier] publish the current persona work on POSTPONED
[ivanka] sign up to gnome-accessibility-list: DONE
[charlinepoirier] charline and pendulum to talk about personas: to cover a broad range of people with different needs.: DONE


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