Symbolic icons and Ubuntu

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We like symbolic icons. Now, how do we help make them everything we need them to be?

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Ivanka Majic
Danielle Foré
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Kenneth Wimer
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Accepted for maverick
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milestone icon maverick-alpha-3

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We like symbolic icons

It lets you parameterise icons on the fly

How can we feed into the upstream project?

Upstream have implemented it already:
* we would like more flexibility for size (not hardcoded 16px icons)
* the current implementation does not make use of symbolic strokes, it is too simplified for our use
* they will do warning: ok, error, warning state

Work items for maverick-alpha-2
[kwwii] to be responsible for making this happen: DONE
[otto-chaotic] to specify the parameters we need it to support: TODO
[ted] to write a design facing one-pager on symbolic icons: TODO
[michaelforrest] set up tests: TODO
[dbarth] find resource: modify the gtk module so we can do more than 16px icons: TODO
[kwwii] to talk to jimmac, bastien, at lgm : DONE
[ted] to create a tool for artists to parameterise their icons in inkscape
[dbarth, desktop-team?] find resource: modify the existing mechanism to do what we want
[daniel-p-fore] modify the panel icons: TODO
[kwwii] include the symbolic icons in our default set: TODO
[dbarth] assess what modifications need to be made on the indicator code to accommodate symbolic icons: TODO
[dbarth] find resource for GTK changes to the symbolic icon technology (cody?): TODO
[daniel-p-fore] produce documentation on how to create the icons with all the codyfying required: TODO
[daniel-p-fore] get the art community involved in this: TODO

Work items for maverick-alpha-3
[ken-vandine] get latest changes from upstream into maverick: TODO
[ken-vandine] pull the icons from upstream: TODO


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