Ubuntu Core Brainstorm - Calling all Snappy pioneers

Registered by Daniel Holbach

Ubuntu Core and snappy are Ubuntu's brave new world. A lot of ideas are going to be hatched, unlikely teams put together, pioneers to be made and low-hanging fruit harvested.

Let's get together and brainstorm - be open, be creative and let's note down ideas for::
 1) nice tutorials,
 2) good demo material,
 3) potential communities to reach out to,
 4) low-hanging fruit in terms of connecting communities/tools/frameworks

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Some ideas:

 - (dpm) A wiki page listing the existing tools folks come up with, even if they are not production-ready (deb2snap, snappy-build-oem-tarball, node-snapper, etc.)
 - (dpm) A section on the porting guide listing the existing ports:
  - OMAP4 Panda Board https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-devel/2015-May/000594.html
  - Gumstix https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-devel/2015-May/000592.html

 - Automation
  - connect stuff easily to an rpi, measure stuff (voltage)
   - design middlewares
  - kits: groovekit (clock, motion sensor, relay, etc.)
 - we already coap snap, but make it easier for app developers to say: "Let me write my Java app using the mbed coap Java libs and put that in a snap"
  - Same for other protocols like MQT (mosquitto)
 - security system
  - like zoneminder
 - integration with the phone
  - offload workloads from phone to cloud
  - have the nodejs server doing cool stuff for you in the backend
 - enterprise appliances, when you need to setup an IDS, firewall, switch, router, etc.
 - home automation, temp. based heating control, window shades with lux sensor, etc
 - powerpc64
 - The return of Ubuntu TV ! (settop boxes etc, kodi snap, mediagoblin snap...)
 - game emulators
 - steam
 - bluetooth
 - routing
 - ubuntu firewall integration snap

Problems we currently have:
 - Hard to consume the logs and find possible issues with apparmor (and missing libraries/binaries which might need bundling)
 - Would be nice to have a nice interface showing the problems showing up at the system (like denials)
 - Clearer communication that Core has "nothing to depend on"
 - shell which simulates the environment of the app for debugging, etc.

Cool demo stuff
asac's webcam thing(?)
mir - deb2snap


Work Items

Work items:
[snappy-team] shell which simulates the environment of the app, to facilitate debugging and development: TODO
[sergiusens] update camlstore: TODO
[dholbach] set up wiki page to discuss/collaborate on ideas: TODO

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