EOL Notifications for EOL HWE Stacks in LTS Releases

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Start assigning specific owners for tasks to ensure we properly handle notifying users of EOL HWE Stacks in an LTS Release. This needs to be in place for the Precise HWE stacks which will be EOL'ing in the July/Aug 2014 time frame. We should also make sure this is properly tested. Invite the following parties to discuss:

Foundations Team rep (slangasek or bdmurray)
Kernel Team rep (ogasawara or apw)
Security Team rep (jjohansen or mdeslaur)
QA/CI Team rep (jibel or pitti)
OEM Team rep (smagoun)
Server Team rep (rbasak)
Release Team rep (infinity)
X Team rep (mlankhorst)

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If there is time I would really appreciate a review of this text. I'm writing it to be sent to customers, but could also be sent to mailing lists, etc.

If installed with 12.04 .2, .3, .4- gives the HWE backport which has limited support.
If installed with .1, .5 gives the the normal 12.04 support period.
The blurb when logging in saying, "Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS" has no bearing on if you are using an LTS release or not. All installs that are up-to-date will say the most recent version number regardless of using HWE.
To check if you have a HWE kernel:
$uname -r
If it shows:
 * 3.2, you do not need to take any action and will continue getting kernel security updates.
 * 3.5, 3.8, 3.11 - you will need to take action, you are running HWE backports
 * 3.13 - you are either running 14.04 or have installed the backport 14.04 kernel successfully.

If you are using HWE backports you have two choices:
* You can upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 when it's released April 17, 2014.
* You can upgrade to the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS HWE backport to 12.04 when it's released on " " (August 7, 2014?). This will just upgrade the kernel or if on a desktop some of the graphics stack as well.
In either case you must take action before the non-LTS HWE backports lose security support on ____.
The 14.04 upgrade will be the same as normal. The "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS HWE backport to 12.04" instructions will be provided when it is released.
>>End message
We do not need to be waiting until .5 to offer these as options for people in Precise as an early review so that people can test. Once we are "happy" with the results we should be messaging the upgrade. Mailing list messaging should be able to happen sooner, support would like this.
The OEM side is interested to hold off the automated upgrades, so they can certify those in advance. All the messages etc should link to the same semaphore file.
How are we handling the combination of the two updates, 12.04->14.04 and 12.04->12.04+HWE 14.04. Likely the HWE update will come first, but when both are reoffered we might want to ensure they come out in the right order.
Can we roll back, and if so could it be something that the emergency menu could do? "Go back to the previous HWE stack" option.
Will setup regular syncs as we move forward.
The basic plan is that the "core script" will handle the what needs saying part, everything else will use it to say that. The script will emit what needs doing, honouring the "HOLD" flag such that when that is present it says everything is fine. Perhaps its output would be the text to present.

Automated Tests for CLI:

Note: it's red because it's testing ppa:mvo/hwe-eol which doens't contain all the latest changes. I should be green once u-m and u-n are in precise-proposed

For GUI tests, there is no reliable way to write automated UI tests (autopilot has not been backported) and image matching technique failed (UI, theming and decoration are different when running in a desktop env and in a headless env) So testing has to be done manually.


Work Items

Work items:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HweStackEolNotifications#Schedule <- detailed schedule: DONE
[leannogasawara] put together an official announcement email to start the messaging: DONE
[leannogasawara] put together a regular sync until this goes live: DONE
[adconrad] Update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule to add 12.04.5 release date: DONE
[adconrad] define the new semaphore file to hold these update messages etc (utility to say what to do, and /var/lib/update-notifier/disable-hwe-eol-messages to hold it from happening): DONE
[mvo] core script to tell you if you are on an enablement stack and if it is current -- used by everything to determine message, and by users who want to know in advance of any automatic message: DONE
[mvo] Call for translations for the core script output text: TODO
[mvo] update-motd needs to update to include the EOL messaging lp:~mvo/update-notifier/motd-hwe-support-status : DONE
[mvo] ubuntu-support-status to grow the ability to tell you that you need an update (--show-all-unsupported): DONE
[mvo] update-manager to grow the ability to tell you that you need an update: DONE
[mvo] provide jibel with some test configurations: DONE
[mvo] find out if/what private-ppas the OEM configs are using and support them in the release-upgrader: TODO
[jibel] run tests on the hwe eol upgrades - CLI: DONE
[jibel] run tests on the hwe eol upgrades - GUI (update-manager): BLOCKED
[racb] nagios may want to have some kind of updates ready notification (via apt-check): POSTPONED
[dean] landscape integration for update ready notifications: POSTPONED
[jdstrand] security team to announce via the security annoucnement channels: TODO
[smagoun] arrange testing of PES semaphore update with UE QA (pitti/jibel): TODO