Automated upgrade testing to 14.04

Registered by Martin Pitt

We will have a lot of different upgrade paths towards 14.04, e. g. 12.04 pure, then the various 12.04.x installations with the Q/R/S enablement stacks, and so on. Right now, an apt-get dist-upgrade from 12.04 LTS to saucy is broken in many ways (backported stack, lots of file conflicts, etc.).

Blueprint information

Steve Langasek
Martin Pitt
Needs approval
Canonical Platform QA Team
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Accepted for trusty
Beta Available
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milestone icon ubuntu-14.01
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Martin Pitt

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= Upgrade scenarios =
 * P -> T
 * P with Q/R/S HWE enablement stack enabled→ T
 * S -> T
 * Q -> S (as raring goes EOL earlier, we need to support a direct upgrade path)
all of them with -updates installed

 * ubuntu-desktop
 * ubuntu-standard
 * ubuntu-standard + dns-server, lamp-server, mail-server, openssh-server, postgresql-server, print-server, samba-server
 * ubuntu-standard + all of main
 * ubuntu-standard + all packages with a .desktop file from universe and main (base VM: about 80 GB)
 * ubuntu-standard + dns-server, lamp-server, mail-server, openssh-server, postgresql-server, print-server, samba-server on armhf (or possibly a subset)

= Backend =
 * kvm for ubuntu-desktop (required to verify systems boots after upgrade and right kernel is loaded, X starts with default config)
 * LXC for the rest

auto-upgrade-testing needs some updates:
  * currently uses vm-builder (obsolete)
  * servers in the lab use precise; might have some bugs; but we have a backport of 1.0, plus enablement kernel
  * Stephane added an LXC backend to a-u-t, needs some cleanup

 = post-upgrade tests =
  * check installed kernel/grub
  * check installed metapackages, and absence of leftovers from backported enablement stacks
  * dpkg conffile prompts
  * obsolete conffiles
  * state of all installed upstart jobs
  * desktop: expected processes: unity, indicators, panel

= what information to include in reports =
  * verbose apt problem resolver
  * full console log
  * list of installed packages
  * difference of packages compared to a pristine 14.04 installation
  * status of upstart jobs
  * tar of /etc, /var/log/ (includes apt-clone), /home/ubuntu/

= Results =


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.01:
[bdmurray] see if it is possible to upgrade from Q to S (possibly requires an ubuntu-release-upgrader fix,but should be in the meta-release files only): DONE
[jibel] refresh auto-upgrade-testing to be able to run upgrades with LXC: DONE
[stgraber] provide a precise LXC which survives upgrade testing (current version in precise-backports): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.02:
[jibel] refresh auto-upgrade-testing to be able to build and run KVM upgrades: DONE
[jibel] Create test profiles for the scenarios mentioned above: DONE
[jibel] Create test profiles for the Precise + ubuntu-desktop + HWE stacks: DONE
[jibel] Publish tests in VMs and main profile to public instance: DONE
[jibel] coordinate with CI to deploy this into the lab: DONE
[pitti] add tests for upstart and process state: DONE
[pitti] fix conffile prompt detection: DONE
[mlankhorst] add HWE enablement transitional packages to trusty which move back to the standard kernel/ DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.03:
[jibel] publish results to CI dashboard (bug 1289364): INPROGRESS