Upstream test development in the Trusty cycle

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Various tests that the QA team will develop in the Trusty cycle. This is by and large a catch-all BP for work items which don't fit in other BPs or are too small to justify a BP on their own. This also contains postponed WIs from

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= phonesim PIN support =
- Modify default.xml: Set PINNAME from "READY" to "SIM PIN", set SC from 0 to 1, run phonesim with that
- can be unlocked with /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enter-pin pin XXXX

= SIM contacts =
- phonesim does support SIM contacts, ofono's phonesim driver exports them (check the "test-phonebook" script)
- ofono's ril backend does not implement the SIM phone book (as of Nov 13)
- no phablet UI support for SIM phone book import (as of Nov 13)

= sensors testing =
Notes about the architecture and other possible (but discarded) ways of testing:

* create a fake with mock implementations of uas_accelerometer_event_get_acceleration_x() and friends; teach platform-api to be able to load the library from a different path than /system/... ($UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_PATH or similiar) (would skip testing the real, but would cover everything above it, and more API stable)
 * that library would read sensor values and events from a text file (pointed to by $UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_SENSOR_TEST") and feed them upwards, so that we can use this for both testing the upper layer of platform-api → qtubuntu-sensors → qtsensors (test our APIs), as well as apps which expect to see certain sensor events for their autopilot tests
 * the actual integration tests our API go into qtubuntu-sensors, as that's a project which we own; they use the QtSensors API


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.11:
[jibel] notifications on DKMS test failures and recovery: DONE
[pitti] check if phonesim supports PIN: DONE
[pitti] check if phonesim supports SIM contacts: DONE
[chris.gagnon] write mir demo test runner, determine if mir demo has had issues after x number of seconds: DONE
[pitti] investigate how sensors work in Android/libhybris/QtSensors/qtubuntu-sensors and how/where to mock them: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[pitti] platform-api: add way to load a different implementation backend instead of just /system/lib/ DONE
[pitti] platform-api: add initial which just returns static results , pointed to by $UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_BACKEND: DONE
[pitti] platform-api: Add initial test suite: DONE
[pitti] platform-api: teach to read sensor data/events from a file, pointed to by $UBUNTU_PLATFORM_API_SENSOR_TEST: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.01:
[pitti] qtubuntu-sensors: create initial set of sensor integation tests using the QtSensors API: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.03:
[jibel] notifications on DKMS test failures and recovery - deployement in the Lab: DONE
[rhuddie] performance monitoring tests for mir, try turn into tests with pass/fail: TODO
[chris.gagnon] convert old performance from GTK to QML test runner: POSTPONED
[iahmad] create UI toolkit automed tests: TODO
[vrruiz] create system settings tests: TODO
[veebers] write AP tests for gaps in the dash: TODO
[pitti] write NetworkManager 802.11n test: POSTPONED
[pitti] write automated test for SIM unlock (not yet supported by phone): POSTPONED

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