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All development work items and discussions for Lubuntu 13.10.

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=== Goals ===
[phillw] 13.10 has to be a full release, albeit a work in progress for 14.04
=== Open discussions ===

Using Alphas for testing in this cycle ?
[phillw] I'd prefer switching back to alphas.

What to do for the off line documentation ?
[phillw] ubuntu will be using Mallard / yelp for offline documentation, I recommend that we also do as we are starting from a zero base. Keeping in touch with xubuntu who used docbook I also suggest.
[phillw] current plan is to have an 'apha' release of such in 13.10 ready for full release in 14.04
[phillw] decide upon how much space will available on the ISO for the documentation

Chase down bugs that are hanging around from cycle to cycle during 13.10
[gilir] 13.10 will be more focused on features than bug fixes. Don't expect too much about bug fixes.
[phillw] So, no bug fixes for lxde applications in 13.10 before we go for a LTS in 14.04?

Artwork change (if any artwork people are available).
[phillw] The artwork team need little supervision from devs, they do outstanding work and then ask the people which themes etc. are wanted on an open vote.

Applications and settings changes for 13.10, which may include :
Replace Chromium with Firefox
[gilir] Note that Ubuntu is discussing the opposite choice :
 [phillw] has updated

Remove lxkeymap in favor of the keyboard applet of lxpanel
[phillw] that is choice for the devs as to which is best.

Replace lubuntu-software-center with something else (or not)
  - Jörn Schönyan from lubuntu facebook area is haing a look at what I think are the two most critical bugs (1165571 and 1078820) He cannot as yet commit time on the project, but is willing to have a look and is confident he has the python skills required.
  - "Hmm, in my case this isn't a problem. But both bugs seem to be related. I'm running Xubuntu here, and on installation of the LSC the relevant databases are created. On a Lubuntu install this doesn't apply, because LSC is pre-installed. I take a look tomorrow with a Lubuntu-VM. Maybe I can provide some patches"
 - [phillw] I suggest a stay of execution for LSC and let Jörn have a look into it. (Give him chance, he only found out about my unsucessful bid to find a python programmer at about 21:00 UTC Monday 13th May 2013).

Remove xscreensaver, replaced by locking system of lightdm
[phillw] that is a choice for the devs to make as to which is best.

Remove ace-of-penguins, and replace it with maybe only 1 game (but a pretty one).
[phillw] As we are wanting to to include off-line documentation, does this feed into a bit more disk space on a CD sized ISO for the documentation and possible translations of it?

Requested Applications/Settings Changes:
[JasonO] Ubuntuone-control-panel-qt system integration or application availability in the menu.
[gilir] Qt + pcmanfm need plugin system to implement this ==> not going to happen for 13.10
[phillw] is it possible for 14.04?

[JasonO] ***Better file manager that includes options similar to nautilus like ssh/ftp.
[gilir] Please report feature request to upstream pcmanfm

[JasonO] Set ImageViewer by default to not open images that are downloaded from the Internet via Chromium.

[JasonO] I agree with Phillw, we need pretty games. FreeCiv?

[JasonO] Super key configuration to open Lubuntu applications menu.

[JasonO] +1 on Phillw's proposal to replace Chromium with Firefox, as much as I love Chromium it uses too much memory, therefore, it crashes a lot. As I am typing this, I am afraid it will do so and remove all of my ideas (CTRL+C after every sentence to keep the fear from becoming a reality).

[Pierre Gobin] There are currently two applications for appearance preferences : LXAppearance and ObConf. Would it be possible to merge these applications in order to have only one application ?

[Pierre Gobin] There are some inconsistent icons in the menu : monochrome icons are used for printer, LXRandR and desktop preferences. For a few apps OpenBox uses wrong icons in title bar : monochrome icon for PCManFM, defaut icon for Desktop preferences. I noticed the same problem of wrong icons in LXPanel taskbar. These are known bugs ? Are they related ? Do I have to report a bug ?

=== Closed discussions ===


Work Items

Work items:
[gilir] software center choice to mailing list: TODO
[gilir] ace-of-pengiuns replacement choice to mailing list: TODO
[gilir] start disucussion for browser replacement on mailing list: TODO
[phillw] follow up on offline documentation: TODO

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